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  1. I received an order and everything was the wrong size. I returned it all according to the instructions in August 2016 and was supposed to have received my refund within 45 days max. I still have not received any of my money back and it was over $350. When will I get my refund??????

  2. Why isn’t there a number for light in the box. Nothing I ordered fits. The clothes are not made to size. I actually ordered larger than what I wear and I cannot even get into the clothing that I purchased and now I can’t contact anyone about my order. When I follow the directions for returns which is click onto the My order link, I get the message “you don’t have any orders–time to shop” Believe me, I will never shop with this company again.

  3. I ordered a modern painting set for my new apartment and I haven’t received my crap yet.. I don’t have 100 dollars for nothing, I need my painting.

  4. Did not receive my order????? No phone number ??? No email ???? Update ??. Is this Fraud ?? My order number 1604050317583080

  5. 1601081816447501 needing to know what is going on with my order my daughter has her first formal coming up and the dress we order said it took 5 to 7 day to sew this was placed on the 8th i would surely think that by the 22 it would be on its merry way. Your suggestion for placing a ticket to receive help is of no use as nothing is responsive this is my first order with your company and already i am dissapointed in the fact you are not full filling as promised. whats worse is i hope this will not affect my daughter.

  6. I’m trying to buy something from you thjru Brads Deals and because something happened that wouldn’t let me continue I tried to buy it again but I keep getting something that says Whoa I’m trying to buy again, I’ve never seen this before and if you want me to buy from you you better get rid of it!

  7. I ordered a prom dress for my daughter on November 13, 2014. They took the $108.00 out of my account and sent me a confirmation of the purchase of my order but nearly four months later I still do not have the dress! I have sent multiple emails about this situation and no response! This company is a scam and will steal your money! Buyer Beware!

  8. Hi, I ordered a painting and still havent received it as yet. I would like to know what is going on or if there is a problem. Thank You

  9. I ordered two 7″ tablets on 12/22/15 haven’t received order yet. I paid $79.22 for total order which includes shipping and handling and Insurance fee. I have tried to track my order and every time I put in tracking number I always get the respond that I have no tracking number and no orders. I would like for whom ever are responsible for customer service to please respond back to my comment ASAP!!! I know that LIGHT IN THE BOX is a good company to order from, Because my son order a 10″ tablet and it arrived at our home by DHL with in a week. So please send me my order Asap!!! I took time to view your website and place an order with you because, I trust that you were going to ship my order within a week as you did my son order. I really like your website and the prices are great. Please!! don’t mess your company website up by taking or not responding back to faithful customers. If you would like to view my order number it is #1512222116236268, this is for one of the tablets. I order two at the same price and the same time 12/22/2015. Sincerely, R. Taylor

  10. I place an order in December 2015 u guys said it has been shipped up to now I haven’t received it and there is no way to contact u all I am going to take this to the cops your site is a hoax to steal people money look at how many people order and paid and have not receive anything.

  11. I have ordered from them and I’ve been waiting three weeks for the order! I’m frustrated cause u can’t get a hold of anybody any how! I am contacting my bank and I’m going to turn them in because they done messed with the wrong woman! I’m a bridezilla right now! And I don’t need this added stress!



  13. I would like a status report on order# 1507010720349828. This was my first order on July 1st. I received the owl bracelet in this order but nothing else. There is also a pending on my account which was made twice by error, please remove this from my account as I have already received the two handbags. I am very concerned regarding above order because it has been over twenty day. I would like to order more but not until I know more regarding this order. Thank you, Wanda Borrego

  14. I ordered 2 frozen dresses for my daughter and the total price for both was $28.00. It was free shipping until November 23rd. I bought them and was charged $15.00 in shipping charges and ended up paying $42.99. They took money out of my bank account and I got a confirmation email saying money was taken out and my order will ship soon. Then I get another email saying I still need to pay for my order that they wont send it until I pay. I already paid and got confirmation that they got my money. Then I get another email and this time they are telling me to pay $43.99. I can’t get them to ship my order. They already took my money and charged me $15.00 for shipping when they advertised for free shipping until November 23rd. I want my stuff I ordered but you can’t get an answer from them. When I email them they send an automated one back. This company is a scam. I have already filed a consumer complaint and another company that deals with internet scams all over the globe. I was ordering these for my 7yr old daughter too because she loves the movie Frozen and I thought these would be a great Christmas gift. If I don’t get my items I will male sure they get shut down. If they are legit then they have worst customer service

  15. Light in the Box, The worst, cannot contact them in any way. Took 3 mo to get order, and not all came. Rip off and no way to contact then at all. DO NOT ORDER

  16. I ordered the wrong size faux short cooat. I need a large black faux short coat. Tell me the best way to do this. Thanks

  17. My order number is 1215083 and I receive a email saying my order has been shipped it’s frustrating that you guys have no option of phone contact to reach you and I still questioning myself the way to contact you I guess there is no way, could you please mention where my order is since I haven’t received it?

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