Lillian Vernon Corp.


Lillian Vernon Corporation is a leading 56-year-old national catalog and online retailer that markets gift, household, children’s and fashion accessory products. Our company specializes in personalization, organization and celebration. We publish three catalog titles: Lillian Vernon, Lilly’s Kids and The Big Sale Catalog. The catalogs average 90 pages with more than 700 products in each edition. Lillian Vernon is well known for offering unique merchandise and good values. Last year, we mailed more than 80 million catalogs in 17 editions.

Lillian Vernon’s corporate headquarters and National Distribution Center are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 62 acres. The facility encompasses 827,000 square feet, the size of 18 football fields.
We shipped more than 3.3 million packages in 2006, with over 247,000 packages shipped during our peak week. Since 1951, more than 130 million orders have been shipped. Over 3,000 employees ensure customer satisfaction during our busiest season, including more than 800 year-round employees.

Lillian Vernon was a pioneer in offering personalization, a company trademark. With one of the largest personalization departments in America, we eliminate the customary delay associated with personalized merchandise. We offer 14 different kinds of personalization and personalize 3.5 million products a year. These products allow our customers to make a personal statement at a reasonable cost.

According to an Opinion Research poll, more than 47 million Americans are familiar with the Lillian Vernon name. Since 1951, the Lillian Vernon logo has appeared on three billion catalogs, 172 million shipping boxes and 485 million products. Lillian Vernon has become a household name, recognized as part of popular American culture and featured on television programs including David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jeopardy, The Daily Show, C.S.I., MAD TV and Saturday Night Live. Several Hollywood celebrities began their careers as Lillian Vernon models including Jason Biggs, Monica Potter and Marla Maples.

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  1. I am trying to order a wedding gift and need to use phone. What is your number? very hard to give you much business Susan

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