Lincoln National Life Insurance


The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company provides a full suite of products and services to help its customers achieve a common goal: retirement income security.

Lincoln National USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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  1. I spoke with an agent today named Colby @ 1-800-423-2765 to get records corrected & he was very helpful in finding the problem. He is & was suppose to send me a confirmation E-mail & also a postal confirmation that the info he submitted to the proper Dept. . I have not rcvd. an e-mail confirmation as promised for correction & a statement that I have a credit coming due to the error. Please get this problem situated Thank you for your time

  2. I would like to also know where my 1099R is for the year 2015. It is pass the deadline for all 1099’s and W’2 are to be sent out. This to my knowledge is against the law to not have them out by the deadline. When can I expect mine….this is holding up having my taxes done.

  3. Not a comment, just a question…

    I want to have all correspondence (including prospectus, etc.) via email at

    If this note does not suffice, please send me the information I need to accomplish this.

    My Contract# 92-2075969 THIS # MAY HAVE BEEN CHANGED since it’s from an old statement.

  4. I’m still waiting for my reimburse ment that has been taking from my payroll so far it’s over 80.00 owed to me since I cancelled

  5. I have called this company 4 times and ended up hanging up the phone after being on hold OVER 20 EACH time. They sent the insurance payment check to the wrong address and all I want to do is have the address correct so we can get the payment in our office. Can NOT seem to talk to a live person to get this corrected! What is wrong with this stupid insurance company?

  6. I called and checked on a policy. The lady was very rude. She told me it was not her problem and would not give

    me any information on who to call. How awful as a small business owner I know about customer service.

    you would think they would instead of cheating people by little or no info.

  7. To whom it may concern. “manage bill pay”

    Try to log in to manage bill pay on-line

    ??Impossible — no on line way to do this??

  8. I pray that when I called them I will find out that they are truly a reputable company. I have been with them for 9 years. No agent has ever conducted an inquiry to know whether my policy needed to be increased nor have I been able to contact a live person. I am going to go to my files and take my matter to court if this is not resolved. From other concerns written I am truly bothered about whether this company holds up to the initial claims they spoke of “Good Service” when I originally enrolled. Worried!!!!

  9. I have received a request for private information that Lincoln National should already have. Is this a legitimate request or a scam?

  10. I have (or had) a policy of life insurance with Lincoln National. It was linked to my retirement but when the retirement was moved to another company I kept my life insurance. Always paid the preminums. I mailed one on vacation in Aruba in January and I question if it was received. I am unable to contact anyone from life insurance division because my social security number automatically directs all calls to the retirement division. I sent a letter requesting someone call me since I would not want to loose my coverage but no one has called

  11. I want to check on retirement payment got one for $228.00 but have not seen the other check as of 5/14/14 would you check on payment please

  12. I have a paid up endowment that matured April 16, 2013, that I am having difficulty in surrendering it. I have contacted several people in the research department and faxed all the dostuffents that they requested. To date, nothing!!

    I am told that they cannot locate the policy. I have the policy in hand, along with a dividend statement and also a letter from Thomas V. Snell< written in 1979< stating the maturity date and value of the policy. What is taking so long to pay this? Why have I not received any updates? or at the very least, acknowledgement of the policy and payment of funds due me?

  13. I am trying to establish that my step-mother had a policy or any affiliation with Lincoln National Life Insurance. The state of Virginia indicates that there are unclaimed funds possibly linked with your company. I must prove to the state of VA that she had a business relationship with Lincoln National before I can claim these funds. Can you please verify this for me? Thank you for your consideration.

  14. How do I get in contact with your company? I want to know more about my policy #2193503. The return address says Greensboro, NC.

  15. MY mother passed, July 29, 2013, I new she had a policy with you and just ran across an old paper with your name on a 1099-R form. Could you please let me know, how I can handle a claim. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  16. I need to get information when my husband had life insurance with this company. Can someone contact us to find this information out as to make claim on premium refunds.

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