LinkedIn operates the world?s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

LinkedIn (Linked In) USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

2029 Stierlin Ct # 200

Mountain View, CA 94043-4684

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-687-3600

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address:

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92 Replies to “LinkedIn”

  1. you say you are about ready to cancel me after all these years.

    Please call me. I don’t understand what’s going on


    Dennis Drew

  2. Balance of Information can be found on LinkedIn
    I opened a Premium Business account on 8/27/18 which can be tried for free for one month and cancelled on 9/27/18. I incurred the following charges: 9/8/18$24.57 & 9/3/18 $31.59 a total of $56.16. DSince these charges were incurred during the FREE TRIAL PERIOD THEY SHOULD BE REFUNDED TO MY VISA.
    See Order ID:
    Kindly issue a credit to my VISA and confirm to my email address.
    Thank you,

  3. I have been trying the customer service phone number of LinkedIn block someone who is cyber-stalking me! The online Help does not respond nor does the phone number answer! PLESE HELP

  4. I need a refund! $607.55 was taken out of my account on yesterday, 4/26/18 and now I can’t pay my rent and my checking account may be overdrawn! I have been calling 866-699-4465 for hours with no success – the line is always busy morning, noon, or night!

  5. I am just now beginning to utilize LinkedIn. I have a few suggestions:

    1. Make it so we can easily identify those people we have already invited to connect. “Pending” should show up on the page showing multiple boxes and photos, whenever we have already invited those people, without us having to click on their page to find this out.

    2. When we click the x in the upper right corner, it means we don’t want to see that person again. And yet, I am seeing the same people again and again and again, even when I click the x multiple times. Ugh.

    Thanks for considering my perspectives.

  6. LinkedIn is beginning to hack into members’ account and using it to add unknown members to boost their membership. Too bad. If you do not stop this trick I will arrange for a class action case against your organization. Crazy greedy one percent.

  7. Profile vanished!!!

    What is going on as I was updating a typo and suddenly all but 6 of my 2000 connections and hundreds of endorsements as well as private groups I had been invited into also vanished, and well basically my entire profile was erased. What is going on? If you cannot even maintain a profile online then I question if I need to be a member here as it takes a lot of my time to answer people questions. Also I was a premium member and suddenly I was not.

    If this is what LinkedIn thinks is quality Executive Service may I refer you to a janitorial position and start by cleaning up your system and restoring my page!

    Mike G.

  8. If I identify a job position on my profile, will LinkedIn automatically place an image of a known symbol with that job? So, for example, if I say I’m a Postal Carrier, will the USPS logo automatically appear next to my title?

  9. I tried to contact linkedin to remove my e-mail address… No response Personal information is on it. It is not officially right, not to UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THIS ACCESS LINKEDIN…. DO IT IMMEDIATELY ,, I DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE ANY MORE…..

  10. I have been charged $63.80 for the last three months for some company that I have no idea what for I didn’t agree to or allow any charges from your company to be removed from my personal checking account I demand to be refunded my $191.40 for a service I have never heard of or have never used for the last three months. and this rating bull@#$% for a company that charges for services not rendered shouldn’t even be there. my rating is a definite zero

  11. I don’t have a damn computer. I don’t have a curser on iPhone or iPad. Damn this is terrible. Left 8 voice mails on press line. I have tried 8 times in last 3 days to contact a live person. It seems you do not care to talk live to your customers. Sad very sad. I’m a disabled veteran recently back from Iraq in a VA hospital trying desperately to change my account status my daughter helped me sign up for. I cannot cancel or change status from phone or iPad. It asks me to move curser over the picture. I have no damn curser I have no computer in the hospital where I will be for months. Please please answer my 8 voice mails I left on option 2 only option to leave a darn message. And it’s for press inquires. I’ve already filed a better business bureau complaint with San Jose BBB and intend on contacting a news channel in San Francisco I have a friend at who may be able to get some attention shed on the absolute disregard for customer help in your enormous company. Please help me. Sad and sick homeless veteran. In hospital.

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