5 Replies to “Linsay Tablets”

  1. Just got mine and so far so good I am amazed on how nice this tablet is love the size

  2. Yes my tablet no longer is taking a charge and I would like a new tablet. I got this as a gift at Christmas and it shouldn’t be bad this quick.

  3. Never worked from the day I got it from Sears online no one would take it back $’s thrown out the window. Worst ever

  4. my son has been using my tablet. and now it only shows the start window (linsay art in digital technology og et dato 2011-0506(001111). i think he has push the reset butten .and some times et shows alot of numbers and start a Count Down for reboot. but stops at 1s

    is the any way i can get my set up back Again.

    regards Peter

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