Liz Claiborne Inc.


The Liz Claiborne line is now part of the JC Penney Family of brands and companies.

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  1. Hello! I have purchased a lot of Liz purses over the years but the QUALITY doesn’t seem to be as good as it once was. This last one was a small shoulder bag of woven straw type and white leather. I have used it maybe four times for going out and the white leather is flaking off the strap, looks really bad but hate to waste the purse by tossing it. Beware with purchasing Liz Claiborne purses, I will be purchasing another brand. -Debbie

  2. I have the most wonderful hat. I have had it for years. Absolutely every single time I wear it, I get so many compliments. Mine is wearing out! Please bring it back. Liz Claiborne Wool Blend Cloche Rolled Brim Bucket Hat Gray 23″ Circumference.

  3. Hello,
    I am looking for replacement buttons for my Liz Claiborne outerwear women coat. It is RN #94468, gold buttons.


  4. “Hello,

    I purchased two summer t-shirts – a few years ago. They are well made and the 100% cotton is excellent – they were made in Jordan.

    I really like them and I would like to buy more. I purchased them in Sacramento at the JC Penney store at the Arden Fair Mall.

    The model number may be:




    These numbers were on the opposite side the laundry instruction tag.

    Thank you for your assistance,


  5. Many years ago Liz Clairborne made a line of women’s clothing called Elisabeth. They were the perfect top for a woman— the neckline was kind of a T-shirt (not Boatneck), not very low, and closer to the neck at the top of the shoulders. I don’t like my older, upper chest to show, and I am tired of trying to keep bra straps from showing.

  6. I have EVERY color of Liz Claiborne lined skirts from JC Penney and Iike them however, EVERY one the liner hangs lower than the fabric and is very noticeable. Very disappointing since they are not cheap! I have to have ALL of them altered and that is not CHEAP!

  7. I am very disappointed with a Liz Clairborne handbag I purchased recently. The strap is splitting, and zipper(s) are stiff and the bag hasn’t softened any, which I had hoped. I hope you can help me. I’ve been waiting on the phone (JCP) for assistance, but after a long wait, I’ve been told my only recourse is to get a refund?

  8. I purchase a purse and matching briefcase, about 3 weeks ago. The purse is already ripping! I am a business broker ( I sell businesses) so my appearance is VITAL! I did not keep the receipt because I really never thought I would have an issue. Between the purse and briefcase, I spent almost $200.00! Not cheap! I will never purchase

    Liz Claiborne again. Then try to get a hold of someone from the company is impossible!

  9. While on vaca in DR , going through a long and horrible line for Customs, one of the wheels on my suitcase broke, leaving me feeling like I was pulling a lifeless body through the airport. I decided at that moment to toss this suitcase in the thrash but had no way of getting my clothes back home unless I over weighted everyone in my families bags and we all know the price we’ll pay over weight bags. Nevertheless I kept the suitcase because there is really nothing wrong with it, but I don’t know what to with this destroyed wheel:(

  10. I need a front replacement spinner wheel for my luggage. Can this be repaired or are we all just out of luck with our broken wheels?

  11. I purchased a beautiful white large brimmed hat this past summer for my vacation. I followed all the handling instructions and directions before travel to get the hat to my destination looking great. I came and went on my vacation, and the hat looks like a squashed version of what the hat originally beautiful hat I purchased. Just let down. The buying public appreciates purchasing an item that stand up to it’s name. Does this qualify me for a refund or anything? Do let me know, Thanks.

  12. Customers:

    They do not replace any wheels or have them here in the US. All is made in China. If you are still under warranty they will file a claim for you to get a replacement piece. If they no longer have your set in stock you have to choose something from another set, which of course, totally messes up your set. If it is not in warranty you get nothing. There are no parts in the US. They suggest you go to a local luggage repair shop. The joke is the luggage shop can’t get the wheel from them either since they have none in US. The whole thing is a big joke! I wonder if all these high end companies know how poorly the brands are being handled. I suggested they at least keep the parts even though they do not do repairs anymore. The answer was too many parts to keep.

  13. I to have a broken wheel on Liz &Co luggage purchased from Penney’s. If could get help with the part, could fix it myself. It is the back, right side.

  14. Bought a pair of shoes at 90.00 $ the band around the heal fell off the shoes were never wore very dissatisfied please help Linda my cell 815-690-1644

  15. i have purchased three luggage pieces and recently used it on my second trip but the wheel fell off in flight. What do I need to do to get it repaired?

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