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  1. I watched your new commercial and was surprised that you show someone without gloves dipping the fish yuk, this is enough for me not to eat there.

  2. Went to your establishment looking to order the Alaskan Whitefish ‘Reel Deal Box’ .. the circular had jus arrived that day.. the girl behind the counter looked at me with a blank look on her face stating that she had no clue what I was talking about and never heard of ALASKAN WHITE FISH .. nor did anyone else in the store… ARE YOU KIDDING ME… ?? needless to say we left.. aren’t these people trained.. ?? please check this out the store number is E320063 Charlotte, NC ..

  3. Los Angeles,Ca

    Highway 605 &Imperial

    Why is the young lady in back cooking, hollering Hemi quit inappropriately touching me not one but twice, all of us customers in the lobby could clearly hear this. After 41minutes into my meal, I was told I was taking to long with my meal, that I needed to leave or else, so I dialed 911 who verified 41 minutes according to my receipt, This is the second time in less than a 5 week period that has happened to myself, I am disabled African-American who cannot eaisly travel to another restraunt, nor should I have to

    The young female employees seam affraid of losing there jobs if they speak out

    NOT FAIR on there behalf, scared to turn in a report on there boss possible sexual predator. I have heard other minor female employees asking why are U following me around Hemi


    Long John Silver or


  4. well lets see , of 2 fairly local locations , pomeroy oh , gallipolis oh , theres not much difference , the pomeroy location is a franchised kfc/ ljs , the place advertises open till 9 , but if they don’t have enough staff or it’s slow they close as early as 7:45 . and the girl just laughed it off , they Gallipolis location they advertise open till 10 ? well I tried calling at 8:45pm if they were open , phone rang busy till 10:05 then no answer ,don’t try calling the corporate office & leaving a message , haha . good luck with that .

  5. Long john on west county road in Odessa Texas has a young girl with a boys hair cut with a very bad attitude.she does not want to help etc…can u help..

  6. I have no complaints,,,,, I would like to see a Long John Silvers put in the city of ANGOLA, INDIANA. We have no place to get fish in town,,, A Long John Silvers would make tons of money, thanks

  7. I visited the LJS in Martinsville Virginia on yesterday and placed my order at the drive thru window and the employee name Sherika was very rude and had a nasty attitude and she jerk my money out my hand at the window and then she told me to pull up because I had to wait on my food so I did and it took them about 30 minutes to get my food so I got home and call LJS to ask to speak to a manger and the employee name Sherika answer the and said she was the manager and she called me a jerk and I said what kind of people do LJS have running their stores.Something really need to be do about this employee before LJS loose out on a lot of customers.

  8. Have been going to longjohn silver for year went there today no hush puppy in order fish was soggy and French fires were real hard and didn’t have the coating we love we live in Victoria tx hoping you can check it out I call nice man say someone would call me but I wouldn’t want my name on what we we’re serve today

  9. when to L.J.S. in dale city, VA. and had a terrible experience when I order two pcs. of fish and then asked for 4 packs of tarter sauce than the drive-thru window. mary Bennett was the drive-thru attendant. she said I would have to pay .25 cents for the 4 packets of tartar sauce. I told her that inside a customer could have as many as they wanted so she said to come inside if I wanted them. I told her I wanted my money back and she said ” I give you your F**KIN money back. Altogether she said F**K to me 3 times. I went to the store to talk to the manager but to my surprise NO MANAGER !!!!! I ask for the corporate office’s # to hear the F**K word again. The other customers in the store all gasped. Shen then the my money at me like a child !!!! I picked my money up and then left. Went home and looked up on the computer for the corporate offices #. I call the corporate office in Kentucky 1-502-874-3000 to just give a busy signal for hours. I don’t think they even answer their phones.

    HOW RUDE and over 4 packs of tarter sauce !!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I went to the LJS here in Odessa Texas yesterday August 2nd. There were 4 people with me and we ordered the 12 piece family meal.. All fish with corn and cole-slaw for the sides.. I’ve never seen people so rude in my life.. They kept interrupting me while I was ordering by turning around and talking to someone else, walking away as I was talking or if you can believe it by looking at their phone!!!!

    When I asked if they would read my order back to me so I could make sure it was correct,, I couldn’t believe what she read back to me!! Not one word was what I had ordered.. Then I tried to say they it was all wrong and she got upset and said that I had changed the order and that she knew what she was doing.. I asked for someone else to take my order .. They.were so rude.. Plus talking amongst thselves in Spanish about me and my group.. Horrible employees, horrible customer service, filthy, no attention span, and just plain mean.. That is my last visit there ..

  11. I went to long John Silvers in Elizabethton Tn, today for my lunch break and ordered my lunch and went to pay with a one hundred dollar bill and they said they did not have change. Had to go back to work without lunch, what kind of chain store don’t have money on hand. This is my last trip there. Last week I went and ordered their special of cod fish dinner and it took forever to get it then the girl at window did not know what to charge for it. I am done with this place.

  12. Mothers Day evening dinner sucked! Asked for chicken and got fish, my float was dripping everywhere. I tried calling rest of evening and a few days throughout week, never got an answer. Terrible!

  13. Long john silver in warren Michigan. I went there today for lunch and met the store manager. I ordered lunch for my family and set my i.d. and bank card on the counter the manager informed me I was rude (I was still reading the menu) I did not respond because I had no idea she was talking to me. She went on to complain that I should’ve put the cards in her hand and again told me how rude I was. I cancelled my order and walked out. This store is beat up and dirty and the staff is rude. If you are in Detroit on 8 mile do not bother stopping there. There a nice little taco bell down the street where they are nice and the store is clean

  14. Long John Silvers affiliated with KFC. 1st mistake. The store in Las vegas on Centennial Center Blvd is TERRIBLE. They do not accept prices as seen on the TV ads. They don’t serve onion rings and they forget Hush Puppies on two different occasions.

    A coupon I have says any item can be replaced at an increase of $1. per item. this was OK with me except then both times they forgot to include hush puppies and as the clerk told me the price, she completely forgot about the coupon which she had in her hand. The store did not have the items I was ordering so she TOLD me to wait. I waited and waited and finally she returned and of course the order was wrong.

    This LJSilvers is a JOKE. NEVER AGAIN

  15. My husband stopped at the long john silvers in palmetto fl.today March3 2015. As we always have gotten wonderful chicken planks and fish planks in the past this time was such a disappointment for all.My husband was going to order platters to go but all they had was fish, chicken and hush puppies.No side were available.My husband asked the girl behind the counter and she said she didn’t know why she had just gotten there.I have worked in the food service industry for many years Very unprofessional . I would have never answered like that or allowed my employees to answer that way.The fish WAS FROZEN FISH NOT BATTERED Very tough.It seems the store is not with good management or planning.We spent $26.62 and had to stop elsewhere to get sides.VERY DISAPPOINTING and heart broken that this store has made a shame of the Long john silvers stores I am sure the sales have fallen the owner should take note and fix this mess.Inform employees of changes and reasons for no food..

  16. went to the Topeka kansas long john silvers and they closed 30 minutes early and the employees locked the door and told me they closed when they close at 8pm and I was there at 7:30 pm to order I know its bad for business maybe bc their employees are rude to customers I rather have them shut down then order from them again bc its bs that employees can shut and lock the doors before time to shut and lock doors on PAYING CUSTOMERS! maybe thats why no one goes to the North Topeka kansas LJS any More?!

  17. can’t call in an order but they expect you come in and wait 20 minutes or more for your food to go …makes no sense

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