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  1. Apparently I am not the only unhappy person with your service according to the other customer comments to your customer service. As I stated in my past post if you received, I checked NO do NOT charge my card to renew membership. Someone or the automated system changed this to yes and you took $41.94 out of my card today! Also, my credit card gave me the phone # 866-727-8920 to contact you and ask you to ask you to refund or reverse the charges, and when I dialed this #, I was unable to have my call go through. Please refund my $41.94 immediately. I did not authorize this withdraw or am I interested in continuing my membership to Love & Seek. And I would just like to make an addition comment. Your websites claims that you are a CHRISTIAN site. Christians do not opporate this way and the fact that you claim this makes me sick!

  2. I want my account with Love & Seek cancelled immediately. # 27×5683359 You have already taken money from my account. If not cancelled by 4.29.18
    I will call the Better Business Bureau and have my Bank be in touch.

    1. I’m in the same situation. I have no to renew and they had to have changed it and I called the card and they said they, Love & Seek needs to refund or reverse the charges. When I called the customer service my card gave me, which is the same as the one they have listed, the call did not go through. Just hung up on me. Did you have any luck?

  3. You have withdrawn these amounts from my checking account without my authorization, I never requested your service I expect the money to be put back into my account…and stop sending messages to my phone.
    PM *LOVEANDSEEK. / Ref1:7273095404 Ref2:0227205404 Ref3:805902060123 15 Expires:20180302


    PM *LOVEANDSEEK. / Ref1:7273095405 Ref2:0227205405 Ref3:805902060166 15 Expires:20180302


  4. For some damage reason you people changed my password. I cannot get in touch with your people to get it straightneed out. If you can’t or won’t than put my money back in my bank account or I’ll be talking to my attorney. Yhis is not up for discussion.

  5. For some damage reason you people changed my password. I cannot get in touch with your people to get it straightneed out. If you can’t or won’t than put my money back in my bank account or I’ll be talking to my attorney. Yhis is not up for discussion.

  6. I got charged $59.70 on my credit card that I did not authorize! Please cancel at once because I’m not interested in subscribing at all!

  7. I am also trying to cancel my subscription to no avail. I have found someone so want to cancel. I’m getting a bit disturbed. They tell a person that cancellation can be made anytime. Well I’m trying but to no availe.

  8. I need to get these people immediately. They took $53.99 out of my checking account and I clicked on the one month for $16.99, when I tried to get back on, the system said I wasn’t registered at all. This is supposed to be a CHRISTIAN DATING SITE? Don’t think so if they can rip me off like this. Guess I’ll have to go to the Better Business Bureau also.

  9. not happy with service would not like to renew subscription in when it expires

    thank you will notify my credit card not to accept anymore charges

  10. I paid for this site for 6 months only. Then @ the end of that it came out of my account again. I contacted you. I was promised a refund. I have not received

    it. Who do I need to get involved to get my money back ?

  11. This is Spock 007 I’m trying to delete my account and my profile and it won’t let me I want off of this dating site nobody never responds on here when you text them delete my profile and give me my deposit back this website dating thing is a freaking joke it ain’t no good and I want my deposit back if I don’t get it I’m calling the Better Business Bureau

  12. every time I try to go on this site it askes for the credit card number I used.I thought I cleared up this problem as I was able ti go on for a day or 2 but now it is back.I don,t have that credit card any more so I dont know the number.please email me the number as I know you have as it was given to me the other day but I lost the paper it was on.

  13. I think this is the wrong site for me.Please refund my payment that I gave you Friday night.Do not take any further payments from my account and send me an e mail showing this has been completed.I will need confirmation. Marcia Kopp. Gypsyjek@gmail

  14. I want to have my money refunded in full into my account. if not I am calling the better business bureau! This dating site is a joke! The free sites have much more to offer! I disgusted with this experience! I have never had to go to these lengths to cancel a membership! I just canceled with your dating service!! and it is telling me that I am paid up until October! I have only signed up for one month and went and tried to cancel it this morning! Now it looks like this scam of a site ! is trying to take more of my money. I better not see another with draw from my account!

    I have paid for one month only!! and your trying to scam me and say I wanted another month! then you say if I cancel my membership with you for what I asked for and payed for that I if I request you to cancel for future payments that you will make me forfeit my remaining time!

  15. i didnt ask for this i call use about this becous thy took 40.00 out of my account thy said thy were going to put the money back in my account my phone is 4128756298 end is 4841 plase put the money back in my account lhank use i didnt ask for that i wont my money back


  17. To Whom It May Concern: I have been a “Paying Member” for quite some time, but I get really, not only disappointed but disgusted, when you continue referring me women over 65. Furthermore, You do not need to keep reminding me to update my Credit Card, because it does not expire until a very late date. If you have collected my dues without any problem, why do you continue doing it? I do not need remainders!! One more time and I will cancel my subscription and advise all the friends I have referred to your site to do the same. Believe or not, they all are fellow Vietnam Veterans about the same age as mine, in the hundreds, all over the country! GOD BLESS AMERICA…You would not have anything if it would not have been for us VETERANS!!

    By the way, if you increase my subscription without my authorization, I will cancel it!!




  19. please cancel my subscription, I hate this site, so many scammers!!! please sne me a confirmation# that I have been canceled

  20. I cancelled my account on 1/17/14, Reference Number; 27X5358799, and today discovered that $39.94 was deducted from my checking account for renewal status. Please credit the $39.94 back to my checking account as I want my account cancelled.

  21. Please cancel my account from Love and seek as soon as my time is up. I am having trouble with my computer and I might come back latter My name is Richard

  22. I had a charge to my checking account I did not authorize. I am not happy. Obviously from reading the other comments I am not the first person this has happened to. I will be reporting this unauthorized charge to my bank. This company practice fraudulent business practices. Stay away.

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