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Lowes operates more than 1,725 hardware (home) stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Lowes USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
401 Elkin Highway
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-658-4000
Fax Number:
Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number

Phone Hint
1-800-445-6937 Hint Needed Please Comment


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4/12/2016 Lowes - Bought a 1600.00 Whirlpool fridge last spring. In
Bought a 1600.00 Whirlpool fridge last spring. In December it quit cooling. A tech guy came and blow dried the ice off and ordered a part. Here it is April, my fridge is warm again and no one can answer where the part is. I can't find the tech guy, Lowes can't find the tech guy...all Lowes does is calls me back and says someone will call me back in 1-5 days. In the meantime I have a fridge full of warm food. Lowes said we have no service guys in our area....so what good is an extended warranty? They offered to buy my fridge back, but I have to complete the paperwork and in the meantime have no fridge!! This is exactly why we should support our local small town appliance dealers maybe they will care. Lowes doesn't care about customers or they would be in my driveway with a new fridge. Instead I will sit here with my warm food and wait for them to call me back...in 1-5 days. Thanks Lowes!!

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1/10/2013 Veterans need to be present at Lowes to receive discount
Veterans need to be present at Lowes to receive the Vet Discount

Vets have to be present at time of purchase due THEFT. ever heard of it? You know how many va and military I.D.s are found at my store? Tons! Anyone could pick it up and say oh my dad is in the car or my mom isn't able to come to the store.

Common Sense Read More
1/7/2013 Lowes is not accepting my return because the box
Lowes is not accepting my return because the box is open 1.7.13
I bought a heater from the Lowe's in Morgantown WV. I didn't know if I wanted the heater or a fireplace so I took it out of the box and left the box laying in my kitchen overnight. The next morning I saw a roach in my kitchen and have been seeing them ever since (that was 3 weeks ago) I called the store manager and he acused me of having them before I bought the heater. If this is not made right I will never again. My name is Mary

Mary Read More
12/27/2012 Lowes not giving employees any more breaks
Lowes not giving employees any more breaks 2012/2013

well guess what at the 1720 store, they stop giving breaks, and there excuse is, they dont have enough people to cover the shift. I have a medical health problem and a doctors note to take the breaks and they refused me.......There is alot of people not getting there breaks. I am one of many

Give me a break! Read More
11/30/2012 Lowes Management Problems: Customer Review 11.30.12
I THINK THEY NEED A LOT OF HELP. I am thoroughly suppressed at their inability TO manage all of these problems. I am no stranger at running a large corporation my self and I would take immediate action. Yes, all corporations have some problems, but not so many. They make efforts to solve them.

Larry Read More
4/8/2012 Lowes - Lowe’s Kitchen Design? We promise to design your
Lowe’s Kitchen Design

? We promise to design your kitchen wrong.
? We promise to order your cabinets wrong.
? We promise to overcharge you.
? We promise to take forever to send your order.
? We promise to lie to you.
? We promise to rush your cabinets in 7 to 10 days but take 6 weeks.
? We promise to charge our mistakes to your credit card.
? We promise to blame all mistakes on the customer.
? We promise to not care about you.
? We promise to leave you two and a half months without a kitchen.
? We promise for all managers to not care.
? We promise that the store manager will not correct the problem.
? We promise that corporate will just forward your calls and emails to the local store. This way the problem stay in house and we can do what we want.
? We promise to not fix your over charges on your credit card.
? We promise to not fix your receipts.
? We promise to call you and tell you that there is nothing we can do.
? We promise to give you another number to call.
? We promise to order you kitchen at least three times before we get it right.
? We promise to tell you that your kitchen appliances are different sizes and order you different size cabinets.
? We promise to let the same kitchen designer screw up and keep him so he can do it to more people. Other stores and warehouse’s know him by name.

End Result: Management Sucks,
Get your cabinets somewhere else

Newton NJ Lowes Sucks Read More
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