Lowes operates more than 1,725 hardware (home) stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Lowes USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

401 Elkin Highway

North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-658-4000

Fax Number:

Email Address: customercare@lowes.com

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  1. Bought a 1600.00 Whirlpool fridge last spring. In December it quit cooling. A tech guy came and blow dried the ice off and ordered a part. Here it is April, my fridge is warm again and no one can answer where the part is. I can’t find the tech guy, Lowes can’t find the tech guy…all Lowes does is calls me back and says someone will call me back in 1-5 days. In the meantime I have a fridge full of warm food. Lowes said we have no service guys in our area….so what good is an extended warranty? They offered to buy my fridge back, but I have to complete the paperwork and in the meantime have no fridge!! This is exactly why we should support our local small town appliance dealers maybe they will care. Lowes doesn’t care about customers or they would be in my driveway with a new fridge. Instead I will sit here with my warm food and wait for them to call me back…in 1-5 days. Thanks Lowes!!

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