Lufthansa is a German airline that offers worldwide flights to the USA, UK and all of Europe.

Lufthansa USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

640 Hempstead Turnpike

East Meadow, NY 11554

Corporate Phone Number: 1-516-794-2232

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: n/a

Stock Symbol LHA

2.4/3 (1)

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  1. hi I recently travelled to Canada it was booked with luthansa and was changed to saa that was fine after 6 weeks in Canada returned to south Africa flew with Lufthansa to Frankfurt , I have to say this i have never met such rude people in my life I went to luthansa service desk to enquire about the resting lounges that flight centre had told me about as I had a 14hour wait I ask the gentleman to direct he was brash and rude :he said what flight are u looking for I said I never asked u about a flight I asked for direction to the lounges that the travel agents advise me to I will never again travel with any plane stopping in Germany they are a rude bunch its like don’t ask me anything even the airport cleaners are rude it was the most traumatic fourteen hours of my life:

  2. I fly with Lufthansa all the time, starting at year 2001. It is been always a pleasure for all those long flights, to be on a Lufthansa flight. Their Customer service is outstanding. I have anything but excellent experience with this Company. i understand sometimes a problem may occur, but it is possible, as all of us make mistakes sometimes.I decided to write this positive review, because I was reading so many negative comments, that made me thing we need to look at the good experiences too.

    Honestly , Lufthansa is my favorite Company!

  3. Lufthansa – how about taking the trouble to notify the clients that

    have tickets, that their flights are cancelled and offer us alternate

    options especially when even the onward flight is by lufhansa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am seating at my table attempting to contact Lufthansa regarding my flight to Italy that has been cancelled due to strike of their employees in Germany. I have tried every number and either don’t get any connection or I get disconnected after 20 minutes on hold for a representative. This is my first time with this company and for sure the last. I enjoyed flying USAIR for 30 plus years, several times per year and if there was ever a problem, they corrected it immediately. Europeans would do good to learn customer service.

    Signed: An EX customer.

  5. I booked a booked a ticket on flight #441 from Houston to Frankfurt on June ,15,2014. When my wife dropped me off at the airport and left, I went to check in and unfortunately I found out that the flight been cancelled. Your ground attendant gave me a piece of paper with your ! 800 # to make arrangements on another flight for the same day.Unfortunately there weren’t any, even on the following day on your next flight. While I was stranded at the airport for several hours, I finally succeeded in finding a seat on the British Airways. When I got home I called Lufthansa trying to make my return one day later instead of the one I lost because of you. Your representative told me that I have to pay $300 to make the change. This is outrageous. Now I am looking for some kind of compensation. Big companies like yours always keep their customers happy.

  6. I wrote to you two days ago regarding that I may have a problem for flights booked next year, luckily that is not the case now. But the fact that you couldn’t be bother to contact me to help with the problem leaves me wondering what the level of sevice we will be like once we are on your planes.

  7. well well well I have to say that I am not surprised reading these comments I have now been waiting for over 3 weeks for Lufthansa to return to me with a response to my question in regards to why I had to purchase a new ticket in Germany due to my plane being late and I had a valid ticket to fly on to Denmark I am Very upset with Lufthansa’s staff in Germany they frankly did not want to speak English barely wanted to speak to me and explain to me what was going on and wanted me to go exchange to EUR and pay for the exchange rate at a airport and the woman behind the counter was rude and obnoxious. I paid 300.00 dollars for a ticket I already had and I want a refund. I am so upset – I have to say though that I was very pleased with the service onboard the plane – to me that was the best service I have had onboard in a very long time since SAS stopped flying and I have gone to Denmark many times.

  8. I’ve been flying with Lufthansa for over 15 years and it went from bad to worse. Our flight to JFK was delayed due to temporary closings at JFK. Make a long story short, we didn’t catch the plane. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, just a lot of air traffic and bad weather. Jet Blue who was supposed to get me to JFK tried several times to get Lufthansa to change our tickets and they finally gave up. I have to say that I booked the flights separately. Then I tried to contact them and spoke with a person who just read from a script. I asked him if I could get on a flight the next day. First he checked while I was on hold. Then he came back and said that I have to pay a change fee of $300 per ticket (I had 4). After going back and forth I said ok because I really needed to get to Frankfurt. Then he said “let me check the fare difference for you”. When everything was said and done they asked me to pay $4800 to get the tickets changed by 1 day (4 times 300 change fee plus 4 times 900 fare difference). Then I asked if I could cancel. The guy said yes and when I asked how much they would refund he answered “It’s complicated and I can’t say. It has to be calculated” After more back and forth I decided to cancel regardless of how much I was going to lose. You can tell that the company is run by short sighted “bottom liners”.

    Needless to say that we will never fly Lufthansa again. I ended up booking with Air Canada.

  9. I send an email to Lufthansa for a credit on 2 updated seats from Economy to premium Economy since we could not use them because of a medical problem and the flight (4 hours later) we were able to use did not have these seats available, so far no comment on a refund or anything else. The flight was from Frankfurt to Boston on June 2, this is not what I expected from Lufthansa. I am just amazed not the German way I am used to.

    I could really use the $675.00 since I am retired and live on a very small SS check.

  10. lufthansa is as bad as it can get. if you have a problem even if it was caused by the staff of lufthansa there is no help to resolve your problem. telephonenumbers there post do not work. how can we as the customer be treaded like this.thru employes mistake i lost one ticket and must wait for two billingperiods to get my money back.i would like to fly with another airline but i need my refund. i do not trust this airlines staff because i found them not to be trustworthy.if i would have to grade customerservies it would be failinggrade.this is my first complain ever so you have to know how unhappy i am with lufthansas treatment to us the customers.bigger companies then lufthansa failed because we the customer did go with companies who respectet and treated us as valued customers

  11. Dear Customer Service Manager:

    I am writing these letters in reference to our scheduled flight on May 3, 2015. For your reference our booking code is PNRZYKB8Q. My miles and more card number is 9920 0106 0902 572.

    We recently booked a vacation to Italy to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. We flew from Los Angeles to Munich, changed planes and on to Rome, all without incident or complaint.

    Our return flight from Florence to Munich to Los Angeles was anything other than pleasant, these were flights numbers 9427 and 452. The flight from Florence was cancelled after we waited in a bus for thirty minutes for transfer to the aircraft. The gate attendant on duty that day:

    Refused to answer any questions I had, instead telling me the “Lufthansa superintendent was on his way and would answer any questions”. The Superintendent did not show and there were no questions answered. We had a connecting flight in Munich to fly home. We were told very coldly and matter-of-factly, that we would be put on a bus, transported out to claim our checked luggage and to report to ticket window 17 to re-schedule our flight. After waiting in line for approx. 2 hours to get to window 17, we were told there were no more flights available, to report to a bus to Bologna approx. 90 minutes away and we would be “taken care of” there. Again, the attitude of the person in charge was rude, unkind, cold and very matter-of-fact.

    My wife and I understand that things happen and that flights are cancelled, what we cannot tolerate is to be spoken to in a rude manner.

    Once in Bologna, again at the check-in counter, the counter personnel were rude. We would have to spend the night in the airport and not be able to check our luggage until the following morning. I asked the counter personnel if we would be able to spend the night sitting safely and comfortably in the business class lounge. I was told “no. That’s for business class passengers only; there are chairs in the terminal.” Yes, there were, hard, cold metal chairs, where we felt very unsafe guarding our luggage. I asked the same person if we could get a voucher for a meal. Again, “no!” We obviously could not sleep in the uncomfortable chairs, guarding our luggage. It should be noted that the counter personnel were hugging each other and kissing each other goodbye for 20 minutes as we and the other passengers were ignored, waiting in line.

    Again, rude, cold, very matter-of-fact.

    We were flown to Frankfurt. At the gate, I approached the person that appeared to be the gate supervisor. I had a question and was told “What do you want, I am busy, I have no time for you, go away”.

    We are not used to being spoken to in this rude manner and do not appreciate it from anyone.

    It should be noted that we paid in advance for 4 very specific seats on our return flight. On flight 9437 it was seat numbers 8C and 8D. On flight number 452 it was seat numbers 32C and 32D. Needless to say we were not assigned the seats we had paid for, $35.00 x 4 seat reservations = $140.00.

    I can appreciate that things happen beyond our control, but cold – hearted rudeness is not one of those. Had we been allowed to spend the night in the lounge in some comfort and been provided a meal, that would have gone a long way toward smoothing over a bad situation.

    As to the rude employees, if they worked for me and I had overheard their comments, I would have terminated them immediately and on the spot. I have been in business and my one overriding principle has always been to treat the customer with respect and dignity. Apparently this is not the case with Lufthansa Airlines.

    We were offered no compensation in any form for our inconvenience. None. Merely rudeness. At the very least I expect a full refund to my credit card used of the $140.00 we paid for seat reservations we made and did not get. My feeling is that we should also be reimbursed for the entire return trip. What should have been a wonderful memory is now stained by our treatment at the hands of Lufthansa

    I will await your reply to all of this. Needless to say we will not fly Lufthansa again and will not recommend it to anyone.

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