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  1. Yesterday Dec.16,2018 i have a worst experienced from a Mlhullier Roxas Avenue branch her in Iligan City. This teller told me that my kptn is lacking in 3-digit numbers at hindi maganda ang pagkakasabi niya sa akin. then i she returned my pay-out slip and I told her na yun inisend sa’kin. Tinignan ko ulit yun cp ko sa msger kung insakto yun kptn. And I rewrite it again and give it to her. Again she told me in loud and in proper manner “KULANG LAGI 3-DIGIT NUMBER”. WIthout sayin’ “Ma’am” to me. Then binalik niya na pahagis sa’kin ang mga card. Talaga nabwesit ako sa ginawa niya paghagis sa mga card ko. I stand up and told the guard on duty na “MALDITA” yun teller nila. I called my schoolmate who is working in Mlhullier in other branch and told her the incident and ask the name of the teller.Wala ako kaalam alam kung ilan digit ang need nila kasi i am not use to claim money from MLhullier My friend called that branch to ask who is that teller and then my schoolmate told me that the teller’s name was “MILKAN”. That teller daw ay may sakit it is not an excuse if she has having a sakit. Yun trabaho nila is to deal with customer in proper manner. Hope mawarningan yun teller na yun maganda pa nman sana kaya lang ‘MALDITA AT WALANG MANNER”

  2. Worst service ever! Very rude staff Herbert Jiusar(Golden city dasmarinas branch)please call the attention of this person and teach him the proper customer service..

  3. the manager from ROSARIO 2 is very rude sila na may kasalan sila pa sarcastic sumagot and I need a legal action for messing my account ..I need my money urgently…

  4. 5/25/2016

    I had a remittance yesterday coming from my aunt in Canada I went to Mlhullier ML ROSARIO 2 to pay out. I gave my employee id the teller told me that it is not valid I gave my philhealth and other id ,she advice me to wait..then suddenly ask if have another id I told her that that’s the only id I have that under my husband name, fortunately I brought my marrage contract ,she get it then told me again to wait more than an hour she called again and told me that they cant pay out the money due to my id is not valid..I told her ok


    I went to mlhullier cainta branch to pay out the teller is very accommodating then he ask me if when was that remittance was been send to me I told him 5/24/2016..he told me that he cant pull out the control number and it was been pay out from other branch ,he contacted the main branch and ask for assistance..i went home and wen to ROSARIO 2

    I ask the guard can I talk to your manager .he told me just fall in line.I said ok.

    When I got my turn to talk to the manager she told me that its already on process and it will took 2 days.I told her BAKIT HINDI NYO SINABI SAKIN. she told me.KASI NAGKAMALI KAHPON..she is so rude they don’t even say sorry to me and parang sila pa nagmamalaki sila na mali.So I told her when will I get my money she didn’t gave me any exact date

    .I told her can I have the number of your main office she gave me the calling card but the number written there is not in service,,


  5. hoy M lhuiller sa dingle iloilo ,, nagbabayad kmi nga charge dito sa enjaz jeddah para di nyo na kaltasan pa diyan ,, pero binabawasan nyo pa rin ang pera,, para sa ano ba yan ha,,?????

  6. hello

    sana po ma actionan ninyo ang di kanais nais na ugali ng isa ninyong teller M’lhuiller CDO Gusu

    kung pwde po tanggalin ninyo walang modo po yong teller ninyo Jonathan po ang name sa name tag niya.

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