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  1. “I had a bad experience with Maaco located in Elkins Rd, Roswell, GA. When I picked up the car, the paint for my Maxima’s trunk and hood were uneven, driver’s passanger door was rough and part of trunk near license plate was not smooth. I ended up had to leave my car another day left me with another day of rental car that I was already returned (I assumed that the car was ready). After all the hassles, I picked up the car the following day, I found out that the Maxima & GLE signs were removed and not put back in place. I found the GLE logo laid in my glove box but no Maxima sign to be found. When I called Maaco, the employee, Tony, said that the sign was falling apart when they removed it and they will not replace it. I was not informed that these were the case and it’s ridiculous that he said that the signs for Maxima and GLE were made from different manufacturers that’s why they were able to safe the GLE but not the Maxima. Seriously?? Do I look that stupid?

    I understand that only spent $690.00 on that store with every pennies that I had left; however, I believe that I deserved to be treated like any other clients that spending thousands dollars there. Words spread, with this tough economy I don’t think your company would like and afford to have another unsatisfied customer.”

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