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Magellan Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact Magellan Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. hay my name is CIRILO VALDES BARRIOS i have magella gps for omoss 1 year but now dont work ter on work for 10 minutes and chut down automaticly what i can do magellan serial sn#0863000175631 i by on walmart( magellan RoadMate 9212t-LM i have no resibo any more i had the program for update but i cheng my windows i dont have any more tha is the information i have for you was working perfec antil 2 days ago tell me what i can do tu make ter on permanently like befor my need update but dont tur on i can do nathing plas i dont have d progran any more MY GPS NEVER FOLL DAWN IN THE FLOOR NEVER HET WITN NATHING SO THA IS NO RIZON TO STOP WORKIN I DONT NOW I WRIT TO YOU BICAUSE YOU NOW WHAT CAN HAPPE WHEN THA PROBLEMA CHOW UP TNKY

  2. ay my name is CIRILO I have Magellan GPS for 1 year but now don’t work her on work for 10 minutes and shut down automatically what i can do Magellan serial sn#0863000175631 i by on Walmart( Magellan RoadMate 9212t-LM i have no receipt anymore i had the program for update but i cheng my windows i don’t have any more that is the information i have for you was working perfectly until 2 days ago tell me what i can do to make her on permanently like before my need update but don’t turn on, I can do nothing plus i don’t have the program anymore

  3. anyone having trouble with GPS purchased at BestBuy and are not happy with the service. Write a letter to the ‘Office of the President’ at the main office. I was very happy with their response. Try to give then names and dates, it will help improve the customer service, especially with Geek Squad.

  4. To Casanova; best buy did pretty much the same to me! They told me I had made a mistake on THEIR computer, cuz they do not make mistakes. Idiots. I will never shop there again. That was the best buy in San Bernardino, California. The manager was 6 1/2 years old and felony stupid.

  5. I have been trying to resolve a problem getting a map update. The CMTray tells me there is a map update available but won’t let me down load it. I went to their “CHAT” option. What a waste of time. They told me my GPS had the latest map. I then asked them why there program keeps telling me there is one available. He said I have to remove the Content Manager from my PC and down load it again. Told them I already did that. He said He will email me instructions on how to do it. That was a week ago. Then I contacted them by email. I was supposed to receive a reply in two working days. No reply yet. What a farce. This is my third Magellan and I will think long and hard before I buy another one

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