Magellan’s International Travel Corp.


Magellan’s was founded by people who love travel for its ability to enrich our lives and increase our appreciation for the world in which we live. By sharing our knowledge and experience with other travelers, and offering useful and appreciated products to ease the bumpy roads, we help make travel a more comfortable, safe, and rewarding experience. We owe our success to three core principles:
1. Providing travelers with a single source of state-of-the-art, quality travel products
2. Providing up-to-the-minute and well-researched information to meet the needs of all travelers
3. Providing an exceptional customer experience
These principles are as relevant today as they were when Magellan’s was founded in 1989. And while we have responded to changing market conditions, embraced technology, and are constantly adapting our strategies to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, these principles, aligned with our organizational values, continue to define the way we do business. Our achievements are the direct result of the efforts of each individual in our organization.
Company History
Founded in 1989 by John McManus. Magellan’s has been praised as: “The nation’s most respected source of travel products by mail” (Forbes) “The widest selection of travel accessories currently available from a single source” (The Washington Post) “The granddaddy of them all” (The New Jersey Record). Magellan’s has been included on Inc. Magazine’s annual listing of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States for three years.
Prior to founding Magellan’s, both John and his wife, Gloria, traveled extensively as executives at PanAm. Products for the first Magellan’s catalog were gathered from their own experiences as professional travelers. Within two years, the catalog had grown by 50% and a retail store was opened in Santa Barbara. Over the years, additional product lines were added to Magellan’s, including travel clothing and products designed for business travel.
Magellan’s trains their staff on all aspects of Magellan’s products and the special needs of international travelers. John and Gloria attribute the success of Magellan’s to strict adherence to the company’s fundamental principles: offering products of the highest caliber, never compromising superior customer service, and standing behind every product with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. These beliefs have brought Magellan’s national recognition for service and products that is second to none.

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