MailChip Serves 450,000 users and 20 million emails served daily. MailChimp is an easy to use email marketing platform that is surprisingly inexpensive.

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  1. My account was suspended on 7/27/16 for an email I sent to my wife. I asked, by email what was wrong? Here it is 8/22/16 and no reply from MailChimp. The email sent to my wife is a templet used on previous campaigns without any negative comments from MailChimp. I’m going to be 100% Get Response. They have a live person to talk to and there have been times that they even log onto my account and saw and told me exactly my problem. What a refreshing experience compared to MailChimp. I guess there name says it all. We must me Chimps to stay with them.

  2. Company is somehow hacked my bank. I sent a fraud detail to the bank, but can’t get a hold of anyone at the business, the phone hangs up to determine where this abuse started. Several hundred dollars taken from my bank.

  3. Wow! How the mighty have fallen. MailChimp was once awesome, what happened? No customer support, endless emails, Omnivore SUCKS and links to “detected violations” do nothing and offer no assistance. The funny this is that we used MailChimp as an example in our Email Marketing course at Emory University and it was a joke. We were all left scratching our heads. Get it together. Customer service is a huge part of any company’s survival and you have zero!!!

  4. Hi I am Charles I am having a problem trying to sign up for this Mail Chimp business I was told about this business last month I am trying to find the Website so I can login I tried 4 times logging in my password was kicked out I need to make money not the laughing stock of the City.

    Will you all send me a link telling me what to do thank you

  5. Harboring Thieves

    I agree with the comment above – they aren’t allowing us to email to our customer base because of some automated product they use saying that our list is stale? WTH?

    HATE this email service. Converting to Constant Contact in 2015.

  6. Why would a business not list a good number to reach customer support…horrible customer service you ask me. I will be going back to constant contacts, very easy to get a hold of great support and instruction available. Mail Chimp…you suck!

  7. HELP – anyone who can help me get access to MAILCHIMP – will be appreciated. I have sent 5 mails because i have been unable to access my account and NO RESPONSE and NO NUMBER has really surprised me. did not realize when i signed on that we would not be able to talk to someone if there is an issue. if anyone from mailchimp is reading this pls respond with a number. if anyone has a way to reach out do let me know. called the number given above and it was re directed to a hot rewards website – so trust one has to be careful about this number too?? Zia

  8. what a joke, I am a soon to be former customer. I can’t believe there is no phone # to call if you are unable to resolve issues with this company. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER

  9. So very upset with this company! I lost over 800 fresh, new, good email subscribers

    because they rejected them for no reason. Now, even the ones that are left are not

    getting the newsletter! What a waste of my precious time and energy at the worst.

    time possible! Great damage to my company!

  10. Couldn’t remember password. Did a password reset and was supposed to get an email with a reset link. NO EMAIL EVER SENT DESPITE MULTIPLE REQUESTS. Can’t call, can’t get email. Just sent an email and wonder if I will ever get a response…. Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced in modern internet company.

    Thanks for nothing…

  11. Wix, but the form we created does not appear. No matter what we do only a basic form displays. We created 3 different forms in mail chimp. The form names show up in the Wix drop down tool but the content displayed does not contain our additions. Do you integrate with Wix with more than just a basic email and name form? Your online help has not been helpful.

    Also, your site says there is no need to pay until you reach 2,000. That’s a great offer but not providing help beyond what’s on your site is not customer support for your new customers. Not a good way to build a relationship when your new customers get stuck. I can’t tell if this is a coding error or just an overall integration error.

    Please respond.

  12. Just constantly rings. No one answers. They haven’t answered our emails except for the auto reply. Any clues on how to get in touch with Mail Chimp would be greatly appreciated!

  13. There is no worse company on the planet for customer service. This company should be shut down. They do not answer emails and provide no phone service.

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