Mastercard is the trusted name in credit cards worldwide.

MasterCard Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2000 Purchase Street

Purchase, NY 10577 U.S.A.

Mastercard Corporate Phone Number: 1-914-249-2000

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6 Replies to “MasterCard”

  1. ‘I travel a lot and when I found myself in Iceland my Mastercard cut me off. After returing to the US I was able to use my card again. I complained to Mastercard and was told that I had failed to inform Mastercard before I left the US. We just returned from a visit to Ukraine which lasted two months. Again Mastercard cut me off,being in a nonEnglish speaking with no money is not fun. My bank allowed me to use mu debit card and life returned. Again I was told by Mastercard that I had told Mastercard of my travel plans so I could not use my credit card. I did not tell my mother either. I did submit a request for a Visa card.

  2. I just applied for a Sam’s Club mastercard . The young lady helping me said you wouldn’t issue one because I wasn’t refered. What does she mean I wasn’t refered.

  3. When I applied to Sam’s Club for a Master Card, they said Master Card said I already had a card. To my knowledge I do NOT.

    Please contact me or respond to my e-mail a phone number I can contact to get the information regarding this.

  4. Can’t a company as large as yours do something about the telemarketers that use your name when trying to scam the public by acquiring the credit card numbers. I have had 4 calls in the last three hours. Yes I am on the no call list

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