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  1. Zoom-Zoom, Indeed!

    I love my 2008 Mazda6 5-door, for I’ve had have very little work done on the car, and other than repairing the air conditioner, I’ve had very little maintenance done.

    My vanity license plate reads, Jowrite, but it could very well read “Driving Matters, Yes!”, because driving does matter, and every time I get behind the wheel, I do so with the confidence that my Mazda6 will get be where I want to go with no hassle. Driving the Mazda6 is like driving a luxury car. And for me, it’s truly a luxury to drive.

    The exterior of the car is a “Bright Island Blue”, and the color is well-named for whenever I approach the car to take it out ‘to play’ it puts me into a vacation mood.

    Thank you Mazda6 for some good driving years, and I’m looking forward to having many more with my next Mazda.

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