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  1. How do I go about getting a release of lien on my 2008 mazda3 financed through Mazda American Credit. The vehicle was a new car purchase in 2008 from Russell & Smith dealership in Houston, Texas. I am attempting to get a new title to replace the losted original from the Texas DMV. They still show Mazda American Credit as a lien holder and will process my application until a release of lien is issued.

  2. I bought a Mazda CD5, 7 months ago, was told by dealership it got 28 mpg, it gets22!! I want to know why, when I want to put it in my name,your companies financial department,made me finance the car for 8 years,and my credit score is over 800??? Is this rely how you do business? I have cried over and over because of this! When I tell people about this, they are shocked. I should have got up and walked out!! It makes me sick to my stomach that you take advantage of me and other women. Can’t you get the CEO or VP to redo the paperwork and set my loan for 5 or 6 years, instead?

  3. Have owned a Miata for 24 years. Ordered the first one in 1989 delivered in March of 1990 . I’m 74 years old sand drive an 08 . Love my baby

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