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    My name is Alison Jordan and I have a number of charges on my credit card totalling a large sum of money even though I did not want the information retained. I did not click the box for my credit card information to be retained.

    I have been trying to find an email address to contact you. I did find one but a message cam back stating that it was not a valid email address.

  2. so, I bought VIP yesterday and nextthing you know it’s saying that I’m disconnected and I’m like wtf.. so I go on my brother meez and it shows that someone has changed my outfit and everything.. so I waster $10 of my Christmas money on it ugh.. I really just want it back.. but I don’t even know the email.. so I really want to change that.. please.. thank you

  3. Help when I was younger I gave my friend my password Stupidly and she got angry at me #dramaaboutboys and now my account is banned and I haven’t been on in 2 weeks so I asked the next time I saw her and she admitted it how do I unban this.

  4. hi i need to make a complaint please my brother accoyt got is naruto_sp_hot he was banned for no reason they said he hasent been on permely thats because hes working and my second thing was my facebook meez account got banned for rasism i was not talking rasism can hou’ll please returned them back please

  5. This girl said meez is shutting my acc in 2 days. Cause she thinks I hacked her. I don’t know what to do. My acc is britheperfs.

  6. My Other Account Been Banned Forever , And I Want It Un-Banned , It Was Pretty And Had Alot Of Coinz , Pleasee Un-Ban Her !!!!!

  7. I got banned from meez.these people kept texting me talking about I hacked them when I didn’t even hack them.and they banned me can u plz unbann me=[

  8. Hi, my login name is gypsygirl66 and I’ve lost all my animations from my closet, plus I can’t seem to find any new animations on meezmaker. Granted I haven’t been on in a couple of years and since then I have a brain injury. Maybe you can point me to them, and give me back the onse I had. I am looking for a wheelchair imparticular, since it will be easier to announce some friends that way that I am now in one. So if you couls please help me that would be awesome.

    Thank you

  9. Hi I am Michelle I was on meez and I have spent like about 45 dollars on it and got there any thing you can do to help I know who toke it too he.toke both my profiles PLEASE HELP ME GET THEM BACK

  10. my name on meez is yaboyjay1234 and i paid for my cash and i didnt get it. i didnt get my cash back and im really starting to hate that. plzz give me my stuff back

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