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MetLife offers a range of affordable dental insurance benefit plans for companies of all sizes.

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  1. Fake company. No customer service but leave a fake robot -operating num let you listen their classic billiards music. Guess what happen when your benificiary really need help?

    Suggestion: go head to pay $600 to hire a attoney suing them!

    Then problem solve.

  2. I want to know about metflife health and dental insurance and how many it will cost on a monthly bass. I need your number to call. here is my number

    1. Wow, I have been calling Met Life Dental for a Month. Everyday put on hold and transferred, hung up on. But never had a live person answer the phone and talk to me. This is the worst institution on the planet. I started in Dec 2018 to call and cancel my Policy for March 2019. I am hoping they will respond to me or at least give me an email address to send a notification of wanting to cancel my account with them, Help, !!! does anyone have an email address so I can cancel my insurance. Please Help. Don’t ever sign up with insurance with these people. They are never there to answer phone.

  3. I don’t believe you. MetLife has the worst customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with. And that includes government agencies. In fact, my new dentist, upon learning my insurance was through MetLife, told me the only reason he was accepting me as a new patient was because a friend referred me.

  4. calling thse people is like trying to call the whitehouse to talk to Barack himself.

    I agree, they suck in customer service.

  5. How do you reach someone to talk to at customer service????? It really is unprofessional how you are disconnected constantly. Is this a for real company?

  6. Dear Sir:

    I guess that I am covered by Met life dental insurance, which is good, but I have never received a dental card or proof of insurance card. The account Number that I sent in my payment with, was {Acct# }I hope that this number was sufficient to make sure that my payment was identified and it was properly identifiable?

    P lease give call me a call tomorrow morning 8 Pacific time frame *8*am, since it appears that it is hard to get a hold of you ( A previous message left by another person o a previous message on the internet inquiry.



  7. Horrible they screwed up the information on my plan and i can talk to noone i do know half the 1 million # code they want its not listed anywhere.Hate this company worst ever.

  8. I have called several times and have not be able to speak to anyone. It is extremely frustrating when providers are saying I’m not covered by metlife and yet have been able to speak to anyone to see what is the problem. Horrible customer service!


  9. Seriously. So rude, so not helpful, so poorly trained. And then I got the supervisor, who was even worse. I’ve been in CS, I know people can be jerks and sometimes you jerk back. This is not what happened to me. I was frustrated but remained polite, even when I had to ask the supervisor to use a different tone please.

  10. It is impossible to reach any representatives. I deal with insurances all day long and this is by far the worst I could say. I have waited over 2 hours to speak to a representative already and I am still waiting. You need to hire more representatives. Metlife used to not take this long and I don’t understand why it is taking forever to get ahold of someone. Sometimes you get a nice representative but then sometimes you get completely rude people. Even Delta Dental when there was the big freeze last year, answered their phones in a very timely manner that was under 30 minutes.

  11. There is anxiety, as when a special problem occurs, such as getting root decay under MULTIPLE crowns and an implant SERIES is needed. M. L. would prefer another crown be placed due to their cost controls, But the roots can be so weak to support that crown. PLUS there is a dollar limit ant time restriction for repeating a crown insertion. Now I’VE spent my life savings on full prosthetic implants without pre-approval from M.L. in Costa Rica. After getting the automated run around for 20 minutes and no human, I will try again tomorrow. In a foreign country the work can be skillful however a place like CR doesn’t believe in narcotic post surgery pain relief and you are awake with just locals for oral surgery. It was not for the faint of heart!!! and cannot be done in a single trip.

  12. What is wrong with a company that only has an automated phone system and no way to talk to a person? Do they care about their customers? I doubt it. Their phone system only allows you to select choices they give you and no opportunity to reach someone. Finally, after I tried a few times to reach someone I did not make a choice and only then did it transfer me to a customer rep.

  13. The automated system is annoying. My SS# is not on my card and it doesn’t give you the option to by-pass that question. I have called the customer service line 3 to 4 times and spoken with a human in each (one of the 4 was helpful – wish I remembered her name. My complaint is that the human you speak do is barely civil. They are rude. The last one I spoke to Lori (sp?) was sharply impatient with me. She already had the “no” answer ready in response to my inquiry. She audibly groaned when I persisted in my request that I be able to use my benefits immediately rather than having to wait another month. I persisted and asked if she saw the note in my folder. She told me that she would have to call the provider to determine if they would accept me as a mid-month transfer and told me (not asked me if) I would have to hold while she made that phone call. She cussed under her breath saying “damnit” and other things. She came back after only a minute and informed me that she would have to go to another department to cancel the online selection I made and re-enter my selection in order for me to use my paid benefits immediately. I would need to hold 30-40 minutes while she did that. There was no option to just call me back. When they think you are a new customer, the automated option is to call you back; with the human, it is hangup or hold. Lori was not unique in her poor and impatient customer service. The one I cannot remember the name of was the unique one for the ppl I spoke with at MetLife. Also, relation to customer service, in situations like mine anyway, if the provider desired is not available, the customer should be prompted by automation, email or something in the form of a welcome letter and letting the customer know they need to select a provider. I have paid my premiums for 2 months now and have had to fight to be able to use my benefits. Mine is an Dental HMO. It should not be this much hassle to go to the dentist. The customer should not have to pick someone a month out from when they want the service unless it’s an emergency. I hope I never have to find out what happens if I go to a provider under emergency cirstuffstances. The customer should be able to go to whomever will accept this insurance.

  14. I called up MetLife Dental customer service for the first time and was able to get through promptly, The representative was very pleasant and most helpful and even hold while I call the Dentist Office to confirm coverage. I will certainly recommend them to others.

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