Metro is short for Metro PCS, Metro is a wireless carrier in the United States. They have low cost plans and pre-paid plans for wireless phone and internet services.

Dial 611 from your mobile or smart phone.

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  1. I just paid my phone the other day. And after that I complained to the storekeeper my phone is not working good . The battery can’t last a day. And today I want to make a phone call my phone is totally dead. Can you return my payment for this month so I can buy another phone. Or what shall I do.? Any help from you guys.

  2. using this store for the first time ever comming from a major company used for yrs and yrs never before using a co like this pcs on towneast blvd the rudest people i ever had to deal with they will not wait on one individual at a time they will instead of talking to you they will leave you in the middle of a conservation trying to get your phone checked out and they will wait on another and another and another like you was not even talking to them or even standing there they will not explain nothing about thier business thier rules or how thier company works i did not find out until after the affect i went with them and the next day found out something i did not know nor did they explain and then the next day found out another problem like payments all they said is oh you have to pay this because you did not do it on the day you got the phone but how did i know if they did not tell me that i was going to need it i told them what i had and still wanted and they just flat ingnored me and did something totally different and now i have to be miserable and wait 30 more days or have to pay more money this is bull crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sometimes it is worth it to have a contract you get better business and at least they explain how stuff works . i regret ever leaving my co and will soon go back and i do not recommend pcs to anyone out there unless you get everything on paper and they will not ev en tell you thier names or anything i went to four stores and omg !!!!!!!!!!!! they cannot fix the mess up that the store did where we got the phones NOTHING BUT STRESS STRESS WITH THIS COMPANY AND ONLY STARTED ON THE THIRD DAY OF APRIL 2014 WHAT A MISTAKE ON MY PART!!!

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