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  1. I received a large leather shoulder bag for my birthday in June. I just used it a couple of times to go to church and then I used it this year to go to Florida for Christmas vacation. When I went to pick up the bag at the airport one side of the strap broke off. This is the Elana Bag #30T6GE3L38 Brown and MSRP $378.00. Could you please tell me how and where I can get it fixed or get the bag replaced. Thank you, Barbara in Colorado

  2. I was given a Michael kors saffiano leather tote for my birthday in November and I have already lost the S on the Michael kors outside the bag. Could you tell me where I might get the little S?

  3. I bought a handbag at Belks week before last and had it shipped to me as I wanted the “leather” color. It was item #0889154499744. When it arrived a few days ago every “gold” item on the bag was wrapped in a stretch like tape. It was a horrendous job removing it all and when I came to the area of the handle where the “MK” emblem was attached I could not get it off with my fingernails – I finally took a pair of scissors and told myself to be very careful – unfortunately it cut through the thin strap holding the “MK” emblem. I took it to a shoe repair shop and he said he could try to fix it – but it was very thin. My request to you, could you please send me a replacement emblem/strap that I can attach to my new $298 leather Michael Kors handbag? I love the handbag but really would like the emblem to show off that I am carrying a Michael Kors handbag. Please, STOP wrapping all the gold on these bags with that horrible tape. I look forward to a positive response! Thank you

  4. I have a large wristlet that has a broken strap. I like using this as a small purse. Please let me know if I can mail this to you to have it repaired?

  5. I bought at Macy’s a Vinyl MK Tote Hand Bag Signature Print and the golden logo vanished…It didn’t last at all!! I call twice at customer service to let them know and they were suppose to send me an e-mail where I will find the information to start the devolution and I never got it!…

    I still want to return this bag and get different one that don’t have this problem., it is to bad because I really love this bag but is quiet of money to let it lose.

  6. Hello I received a graduation present and it was a tennis racket cover. However it has black stuff on it. Is there any way you can fix it? I love the bag and I just want that gone. Please let me know. I tried calling but no one answered.

  7. I purchased a hand bag, leather, cream color and the dye game off when I cleaned it! I followed the cleaning instructions that came with the bag. I love the bag but it looks dirty and I can’t bring myself to wear it anymore. I paid good money for it and it didn’t last me a year! I have another M.K. bag but it’s not leather so it will be a better wear. Please help me out with this problem. I don’t know how to take pictures of the handbag and send it thru e-mail, but I can make a hard copy and send it. Please advise. Sincerely, Margaret Lang, Santa Teresa, N.M.

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