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  1. Microsoft Outlook specialized support number is where the clients with the problems get help in regards to item issue, availability inquiries and the use of assistive innovation identified with the outlook.

  2. Microsoft helpdesk number 1-8OO-585-xxxx announced an operating system and named windows. We can say that there are no such computer users who are unaware of Microsoft technical support phone number 1-8OO. If you want to recover your personal data than call us at- 1-8OO

  3. Tried to get help but help there was none. Said – cannot help me other than on line which i have tried a zillion times but no, help there was none.

    Is there a human being at microsoft who doesn’t believe ALL problems can ONLY be solved by going on-line? Trumpost wants to build a wall. He should go to microsoft for some tips – oh, but wait – he probably can only do that ON-LINE. Right?

  4. Microsoft hotmail’s excuse is it is all computerized…have to pay for a service to recover your password or change phone number for verification. I told them to change my verification cell phone number 2 months ago in New Zealand before I left to return to the USA, but they never did (said it would take 30 days) I am going over to Google Chrome…Hotmail and MS are terrible with customer service, and totally lack good customer relations. Their security is awful. I was hacked everything in Arabic…..also going to Apple their architecture is harder to penetrate..


  5. It seems as if my password has become an important issue for someone other than myself.I am experiencing problems with requesting my password before I can receive,open or even send an email using this account.With hackers being as aggressive and sneaky as they are,I don’t know what to make of this. I have never been asked for personal information just to review my own emails when using the same smartphone that the account is assigned to. Furthermore,all of my emails have been blocked until I enter my password.I not trusting anything else with OUTLOOK.COM

  6. There is no support from Microsoft for Outlook problems. The number, 1-866-234-6020 is a joke. It leads you right back to where you get no support at all either. As soon as I can figure out how to move my contact list to another NON Microsoft email service, I will. This is a shame since all of my business cards have my Outlook email address. Oh well, I would rather print new business cards than have the multitude of daily headaches with Outlook that I have had since I have had the service for several years. It is a nightmare and a disgrace to American ingenuity that a monster size company like Microsoft can get away with this travesty. Shame on you Microsoft. I know why you don’t have direct customer service. You have so many problems with your products that you can’t handle the volume of work you would have if your customers could contact you directly like more ethical companies provide.

  7. When you updated your outlook in middle of Jan. 2016 I lost all of my address book and I can not send out any e-mails. The new page is so stupit, It is not usable. Who comes up with htis kind of stuff???? The old outlook worked fine for years!!! I have tried to call your coustomer service and all I get is someone that can’t speek good enough englisht that I can understand them. than after all the time spent they all want $$$$ to help fix your problem.

  8. I have had this mail site for a number of years. Why the hell all of a sudden someone may be using my account?

    By the way, that’s 4 accounts I Have lost never to be recovered never to correctly EDIT the outdated security

    info never to get my business or personal communications. Below you ask for my email address, which one? every single one has been lock out by you.; EVEN IF YOU DID SEND A FIX , HOW WOULD I READ IT IF I


  9. Sir I did not get my old contact number from outlook mail id.and I reset my old phone Lumia 535.please help me for geting my all old contact number in my new Microsoft 540

  10. Yesterday I tried to send and forward from my outlook email address and got back a message the message had failed to be sent or forwarded. I went to the chat room and spent 4 hours getting sent to different places and got no result. I still can not send or forward emails.

  11. I’m using a pc with an outdated browser, but the pc is not mine. Outlook keeps freezing up on me. Most of the time, it’s “not responding” I want my email on Outlook to be forwarded to another email address for 10 days. Then I can change addresses. I may return to Outlook when I get my own PC in a couple of months. Please reply

  12. Information is unclear. Is there a charge for customer service for Outlook? Have not had to pay for customer service with other companies. Having problems resetting my account settings.

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