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  1. Your bill for the next 6 months just arrived. Your paper gets thinner and thinner. Your delivery person often “forgets” to leave a paper. Now you want a 24% increase. I don’t think so. Your paper, service, and price suck.

  2. Sunday 8:00 am. No paper. Called and was told by machine to call during office hours. You are supposed to be open at 7. No one to tell I have no paper. This is rediculous. Where is my paper?

  3. Please CANCEL our subscription to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel immediately. The paper just got thinner and thinner. We are going to try the WI State Journal for a year. Let us know you received this note.

  4. I have been on hold for 2 hours when told wait would be 50-60 I just called a second number on my cell phone , and am listening to both on speaker

  5. I can’t get anyone on the phone. The Customer Care recording does not respond to the prompts, I need to change my subscription and have a few questions. How do I speak to someone?

  6. On behalf of myself and my neighbors we received a letter saying that the Journal Sentinel will no longer be serving the area where we live in the Town of Belgium. Your reason is lame and ridiculous by saying it is have difficulty finding a dependable carrier for this area..How can you cut off customers who have been receiving this service for many years I have had home delivery for 0ver 55 years .I look forward every day to be able have the news delivered to my Journal box along with all the advertising and special sales and inserts that come along with it. You offered on line service but that doesn’t include the ads that businesses pay you for .If we purchase over the counter it will cost over 40 dollars a month plus the gas used to get to the nearest location that sells the paper..This is unfair and unacceptable and your obligation is to find a way or add on to an existing carriers route.Don’t just cut us off! We are shocked that you would do this! Do the right thing.

  7. I forgot my password and attempted to reset. Message I received said I must do this using Facebook. Since I do not use Facebook what other recourse can I take. If not resolved I will not renew my subscription to newspaper.

  8. Trying to call customer service to report missing Cue section. Called repeatedly and repeatedly got cut off after confirming phone number. Unable to contact anyone or anything and still no Cue section.

  9. I recently extended my subscription for 6 months, moving to assisted living at 3 pillars in dousman. I was assured for the 78.00 I would receive all that I had before, including tv guide and online access. I have not received tv guide to date, and can’t seem to get it online. If you want to keep as a subscriber, you better get your act together, or I intend to cancel..your voice mail sucks. I expect a response in short order. Bob Kappel -262-965-7157.

  10. For 3 days in a row I have not received my paper. What does it take to get the paper delivered? This is extremely poor customer service. I think you should have customer service that let’s a person talk to someone about the problems they are having and make someone accountable for and correct the problems they are having.

  11. delivery is terrible – obviously our paper person does not like to get up early and sometimes likes to sleep in on sunday and calling you is no help at all. calling in does not help – keep getting cut off.arline. if delivery person does not want to deliver paper promptly he should get another job

  12. Delivery is awful. Every time I put a hold on delivery it takes several days of missed papers and calls before delivery starts up again.

  13. Paper is always laying out near curb. Even in pouring rain. Who wants to walk to street in pouring rain to pick up a soaked newspaper? Christ, this aint rocket science! Figure it out you idiots. And maybe answer your damn phones. Milwaukee journal sentinel deliveries suck. The paper and service are not worth what we pay for it. They dont earn a single star.

  14. Your website sucks in relation to online services related to physical paper delivery. I will no be renewing my subscription when it finalizes. Bye now – have a great day until your paper folds!

  15. For the second time in a week we did not receive our daily newspaper.

    Address is: Brookfield, WI

    Phone no. is:

    Please rectify immediately. We pay a pretty hefty fee for a newspaper and expect it to be delivered.

  16. I am afraid that when our delivery person was changed, s/he had not received the correct information about delivery at out apartment. So consequently, I do not receive a Wednesday paper as I had purchased.

    And I am receiving a paper odd days, hit and miss. An email to your subscription department has not as yet corrected the problem.

  17. We are brand new subscribers. We did not get a Sat. 8/15/2015 paper. Instead, we received a Sun. 8/16/15 early edition. Then Sun. we got the Sun. late edition. We do not need two Sunday papers. Or is it a waste for JS and unnecessary for us. Please fix this problem. If I could speak to a live person all this unnecessary writing would not occur and someone would have a job instead of a machine.

  18. Spend your money on delivery service,”get the paper to me at your advertised time” and forget your automated phone system which I suspect accomplishes nothing other than allowing you to lay-off human customer service people.

  19. I am very disappoited with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, because i have not received papers for 4 weeks, but you guys are debit my checking account!!!i want to cancel and please give my funds back for not receiving papers, FROM: CAROLYN

  20. hardly ever get my paper before 9am half That’s the half of it.By the time I do not get the paper before noon Then I am off to work.There is no one to answer phones the only thing they can do is bill people for what they do not get. It is like a afternoon paper Really sucks. Good luck finding who to call to get your paper when you do not get it.

  21. Here’s the thing–I tried to report a missed delivery on Sat. Jan.3, but your voice mail doesn’t cut it!! After 3 attempts, I tried to email–to no avail. Now it is Sunday, Jan. 4–and guess what??? No paper again. We used to be able to report missed deliveries and actually TALK to someone–if we can’t find the answer to our problem with the lousy voice mail you have, and we can’t email you because email won’t ‘click in’, even tho I clicked once, again, again, then started clicking twice–still no activation. This is really disgusting.

    It’s so interesting–you are always eager to take our money for the paper–but your customer service is really far below standard. Maybe all the accolades you get for the content of your paper should be averaged out with the delivery issues (of which there seems to be many!!)


  22. For three days straight I have been trying to get a large ad in your paper; time and again I try, but I simply cannot contact a real live human being to explain the ad’s specifications and ask the price. So I give up. Whoever designed your system should definitely be fired and charged for the considerable revenue you are losing from the ad not being posted. This is just one more shining example of how too much technology can destroy human relations.

  23. I called the 800 number listed and got a message saying ” our menu has changed ” , then silence followed by a hangup. After doing this twice , i called a number I remembered from working there and got customer service. she was very helpful and my vacation hold was taken care of. Lucky for me…..

  24. I didn’t receive my delivery this morning 6/10/2014. I tried to contact customer service via the internet using and – both of which are listed in the paper on page two. Neither of those addresses is acceptable to msn. I’ll bet that really cuts down on those annoying communications from your annoying customers. There should be a lot of extra time for chatting, coffee, working out and shopping.

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