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  1. I paid off my mini on 12-8, the dealer sent the pink slip within days, but mini financial doesn’t seem to know where it is – telling me the dealer still has it and can take 90 days to send it. hard to fathom that when California uses electronic titles. suggesting that they should call the dealer was met with a “they have 90 days to send it”, instead of “yes, we got your payment and called the dealer to expedite electronic transfer”.

    we had a great super bowl party with my mini being wildly commented about – we all laughed about this problem though one of my friends said he would hold off a purchase until this was worked out. I think facebook posts are next since they don’t care about me as a customer.

  2. Mini financial is the worst sector I ever seen they all lie about EWMP I was try to cancel the extended maintenance program before I trade the car for which I pay2600$ and they don’t allow me because they said it’s going with the car nobody acknowledged me when I both the extended warranty I will not recommend to anyone my experience I am for 2 months in this matter and I think I will go to court they are the biggest sstuffbags I saw in my entire life

  3. Just bought a new mini, but was not offered mini financial services. I was financed through Bank of America. Is the Mini financial services still in business?

  4. I bought a Mini Countryman while my husband was stationed in Washington DC in 2013 with a warranty of 3 years. I am currently living in Italy because my husband was again given orders through the Navy. Long story short we are still covered by that warranty and our car is having problems. When we went to the local dealer here in Italy we were told that Italy only honors a 2 year warranty. Needless to say we have shelled out almost $1,000 and the car has yet to be fixed. The mini dealer in Italy suggested we go back to Mini USA to get reimbursed, when I called Mini USA I was told that the 3 year warranty was no good in Europe while the car is there. We could not even bring the car over here without a letter from Mini USA authorizing it, which during this whole process nothing was ever mentioned about the invalidation of the warranty.

    When I spoke to a rep. I have never been so mad. When this person, Grant, told me this information I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me that his supervisor was not in the office. I said “fine then asked for his supervisors number so I can contact he/she later. Grant refused to give me the number. If this is the way that Mini USA does business I will never buy one again and I will discourage other military families from buying also. What would be the point if their warranties are not honored if the military member receives orders overseas. I will be filing a complaint with the “Better Business Bureau”, what an underhanded and deceitful practice this company adheres to.

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