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  1. try this number I have been doing some searching cause mine has white spots and I just found where a lot of people have this problem the number they gave is 800-332-2119 they are saying Mitsubishi is replacing the parts we just have to pay the labor I guess there was a lawsuit over this problem the way I understood it hope this helps you I am calling about mine tomorrow

  2. My TV has a gear shift looking object on it. I have never seen anything like this before. What does this mean?

    Is it a cable problem, need a repairman, etc. Model #WS-65517, Serial #106501

  3. to,mitsubishi electric ,my name is William e. buschkuhl I live in new Bethlehem p.a. I had a part changed in October . at the time I was told it would be no cost to me.that was told to me by your customer service rep.but when the tech came to fix my t.v I had to pay 212.00 I called your customer service department they said that what I said was not true .the customer service rep.wanted the remove the part send it back to them and have the tech come out again. I told the customer service rep I cannot allow the tech to come out again . so the customer service rep. offered me a bulb for my t.v at no cost to me. I counted that by saying I will pay half the bill , the customer service rep. said he cannot do that. so he promisedme a new bulb he sent me letter which I was to sign and return to you which I did .sir, on march 17 ,2014 I called for my bulb but low and behold they said they never received the letter . my t.v is not working because I need a new bulb ,this bulb was pro mised to me on oct. 17,2013 now they will not keep there promise please help me thank-you mr.william.e buschkuhl

  4. model ts 508011 mitsubishi tv…. Lost power to house and when turned the tv back on [ no description available] appears on tv screen. how do i remove from screen, I do not have the owners manual, and i am not using a cable box. Outdoor antenna plugged into antenna A.

  5. I have never had so many problems with a TV before. First a bum chip that they knew had a problem, now I replace a bulb they say is “A Normal service” item, which after its been replaced the Blooming, TV worked 3 months now it won’t come on again! I thought Mitsubishi TV would work as good as their cars, I had a Mitsubishi precis, I loved it! Maybe that was problem it was really a hyundia! Not a Mitsubishi product!

  6. I have a growing amount of white dots on my tv. very unhappy with this product. out of warranty of course. will never buy these products again.

  7. I have a 60 inch mitsubishi Dlp tv I bought the 5 year extended warranty and they didn’t tell me it ran with the 1 year warranty. The tv is 4 years old and I have white spots on the screen called and they said it was out of warranty by 1 month. You should at least pay for the parts or pay for get getting it fixed. I have been a loyal customer but this is unacceptable.

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