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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you guys can add free mods and swimming tubes to go in water a lot faster and it doesn’t break and it’s craftable and to make the next update mods and to have updates every week thanks?

  2. Hey mojang I was wondering about the next update for minecraft pocket edition for kindle fire hd 6 I know you guys are Really BUSY but I would like an answer please I’m not trying to be rude like everyone else but I would really appreciate it if you have a great day today and an answer for me Trintin O’Neill check out my awesome minecraft structures and awesome content THANK YOU soooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  3. i active my gift code for minecraft win10 beta edition on a wrong Microsoft account, and i have contact Microsoft service, they refund for me. so i need a new gift code or reactive my claimed gift code to active it for my current account

  4. Well I Was Wondering iff u could help me and pls oh pls answer me because I am so sad that my account password wont work so I went to your help place and I changed my password AND IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now I am so sad because I just bought VIP on hypixel SO IM REALLY ANGRY/SAD

    Please Help me,


  5. I’ve been waiting for days now to receive help…. Lost Transaction ID, New Credit Card, Not on PayPal not through that service you talk about. My account still has the old email, we’ve switched providers since. Can’t remember my secret questions and can’t reset renew email address to an account. Kids are going insane and I really don’t want to purchase the game AGAIN. An email acknowledging you’ve received my request for help, a customer phone number service something would be really useful to know I won’t wait in vain.

  6. it says I have an account but when ever I go and try to play minecraft it would not let me sigh in

    WTF all I want to do is play minecraft

  7. I’m trying to change my the password and it says it changes it but then when I long in it doesn’t change, I need help someone is hacking my account.

  8. it says I have an account but when ever I go and try to play minecraft it would not let me sigh in

    WTF all I want to do is play minecraft

  9. I bought this game for my grandsons birthday but your dumb site just wants to keep making me change my email address and password why don’t you have a support phone number I don’t want to waste my day beaning secured with I want this fixed now

  10. hey i forgot my email and password for my account but i know the username and i have proof because i know all the emails that it could be attatched to pls help

  11. mojang sucks and they hack ur email and tell u that ur pass word is wrong when it is right . in other words don’t deal with these idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hello Mojang,

    I have a problem when logging into or Mojang. Error! Invalid Username or Password. I have changed my password at least 10 times after that and it still said invalid username or password, so I tried registering my email again and it said Email is already registered. So in the end neither Username (email) or pasword were invalid but it still doesnt work. After checking the mojang servers I decided to try and reach the company, so I can at least get into my acount or possibly get it refunded.

    Hope you can help soon,


  13. I bought minecraft twice now due to this problem. I was playing earlier today and got off came back and it says I don’t have an account I’m tired of this and I want my accounts back one name was Megasweaty and the other was theneonphanton I lost them the say way even after I sent a password change to my emails.

  14. How do you even purchase this game!? I have managed to set up an account but clicking anywhere on the site that is supposed to allow me to buy the game just asks me to sign in which takes me to my settings and does not allow me to buy the game. It’s just a painful circle, around and around, and I can not figure out how to buy the game! So upset with the terrible website! Mojang is rolling in cash, they should be able to set up a better site…

  15. Hello,

    As I have found your company to be a great one… Sadly, I have been hacked. My email has been changed and password so I can’t play the real “Minecraft” or evendo anything on Mojang’s page. So I would really like a refund or a way to get my password changed. Please and thank you for your time. (By the way my username is…. kaseyMCA).

  16. Terrible website, very difficult to figure out the login procedure.

    What is wrong with these people…

    Good luck everyone.


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