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  1. Title update 17 just came put today for the upload your worlds to next gen but the problem is mojang is whenever I go into my worlds it won’t let me exit the world or save I have digital copy you guys need to send put a bug fix out shortly because I want to play minecraft and I have Xbox 360. Plzzzzzz

  2. i have been playing minecraft on the same computer for over a year now and for some reason out of no where it want me to do the security question and i cant remeber them and i have them send email to my email and i look for the email that they were supposed to send and it never there

  3. I have found out that my minecraft accountwill not work i am honistly TICKED OFF i payed for this game and it randomly stops working and I DONT get a refund, even thou they said that I would get a refund! Mojaing you need to fix this I am calling you to find out what the HECK is wrong! thanks…

  4. So I just got a new resourse pack but something in it wasn’t right and now I cant get into minecraft to fix it. Anyone have any ideas that can help?

  5. So far I have emailed this Mojang company, I purchased the Minecraft game card for PC and I can not get the game to run because of my security setting. I am not getting any troubleshooting support, where the heck is a phone number to call someone. From my experience so far I will not be purchasing anything from Mojang again… Very suckie. Next time I will go give someone $26.95 that really needs it, it would be more rewarding than this….

  6. My Verification email has not come I requested it 2 days ago and I cannot request a new email because it says you have requested a verification email recently please try again later but every time I check it gives the sane message i would some help please.

  7. I have purchased Minecraft but when I try to set up a Mojang Account the verify email does not arrive in my inbox so I have a game I cant use I sent an email on the mojang help page but have still not received a reply or the verification email not much good

  8. I would like help with my mod orespawn. I downloaded it and the new features have not been in my Minecraft 1.7.10 I would appreciate if you could get back to to me as soon as possible and help me so I could fix it and get the features in my Minecraft . Thanks 🙂

  9. Okay so i go to my minecraft i get on the launcher press play but it just goes away and wont let me play it so if you can can you help me get it to work please. i’m getting frustrated please help.


  11. need help with a account i know the email and user name forgot the password and it is on a old email that got shut down and i have no access to those emails

  12. Whenever I try to log into my mine craft it says;

    ‘Sorry but we can’t connect to our servers, please check your mine craft isn’t blocked.’

    My mine craft isn’t blocked and I really need help as it has been happening for days, I really need help. I would appreciate it very quickly as I’m very disappointed…

    Thanks xx


  13. How can you treat people with such disdain. You sell us a game we have problems yet you do not take the time to help people. I have tried multiple times, you want a ref. number of which my back does not keep records for over a year. It is not enough that we have an email and password.

    Now I get it. You want us to buy the game again. What a racket you have going. Very smart for business making people lose money just to have to buy the game again.

    I hate people like you taking advantage of others, STEALING MONEY! You should be in prison!!!!!!!

  14. Mojang- on October your system involuntarily down load a program onto my machine which stripped my minecraft program in half taking a large section back to over a year ago to the very first block. It cut my castle into and I want it all back. The Play station people were able to recover 90% of my loss, but over two months of production was still missing. Since I play for about three hours per day that still was a lot of work gone. The Play Station people said that your agency can get the lost material back to me. Please help!!!!!! My e-mail account for the game is my game name is Oakmiester.

  15. hey i am having a problem with my minecraft I’m trying to change my skin and its asking three question and i for got them and when i hit clueless its asks for my email i enter my email and it sends it and it just asks the same question it puts me trough a loop and i am using the same laptop i always use.

  16. Mojang I just keep on sending Emails and nobody is receiving my email please help. I paid for Minecraft with my Visa card they did not give me it. I was pressing the button but it could not go higher than buy stage I do not know if they cahrged me but usually I don’t buy things from the computer please help

  17. i have a minecraft account and I cant get it to log me in on my new computer? I typed everything in right and it still wont let me into my account.

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