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  1. same thing here.i had bank hold check for a week to make sure,i told guy it was a fraud and bank wouldn’t cash he quote said what the f****. he told me to get rid of check and wait his instructions.what he doesn’t know is bank still holding and when the time alotments over they are gonna take care of it,i never signed it so im not in any trouble and they didn’t get me.but im still waiting for monster to contact me weather its fraudulent or not.i believe it is but still going to call and confirm.

  2. Hey this goes out to anyone receiving checks or emails claiming to cover your car for monster. i have contacted monster directly and they do not pay people to cover cars with there logos. this is totally fraud. Don’t fall for it guys. just a friendly word.

  3. I guess I’m the latest victim. I got that email then I got a certified envelope from my local post office so I really thought it was legit now my accounts are frozen and its a waiting process to clear my name. Fx##* jerks

  4. I took the check to my local sheriffs office with all of the info from this Roger Miller supposedly from MONSTER ENERGY DRINK and they told me that this is a fradulent deal. Monster doesnt pay for advertising.

  5. Please tell me why Monster has a large window banner at the Corner store on Hwy 287 in Broomfield that says

    15 and 16 oz drinks are 2 for $4.00 but then the coffee drinks aren’t sold for 2 for $4.00!

    The coffee drinks are the ONLY drinks in the 15 oz size but the employees there told me they weren’t 2 for $4.00, that they got in trouble with Monster selling them at 2 for $4.00?



  6. Hey there, my name is justin and i have a nice dodge ram, i was curious if you guys by chance will send decals and ill throw them on my truck for an advertising/ promotionkind of thing, i was windering if you guys do that kind of thing?

  7. Hi i was scammed by this company who uses YOUR name for $1900 this is an email i received complete with fake money orders. I am a Huge Fan of Monster Drinks so i am reporting this to you before any other agents….

    below is the email i recieved.

    adsOut outdoorhiringdept

    Feb 26

    to me

    Hello David,

    How are you doing today? Hope great, Kindly accept our apologies for the delay in the delivery of payment. We are already behind schedule on the Monster/red | rain Energy Drink®. This is to inform you that you will be receiving the upfront payment envelope for your Monster/red | rain Energy Drink® Advert, which will be delivered to you today via USPS. Below is the tracking details. Kindly be on the lookout for the delivery.

    Tracking Details :


    Tracking Number:9470101699320006452185

    2 Money Orders Total Amount : $1900

    Track at :

    Follow the Instructions below Carefully

    You will make use of the Funds in completing your Monster/red | rain Energy Drink® Car Advert, It also covers part of your weekly salary. Upon receiving the Payment, I would want you to proceed to the Bank and Deposit the Money Order,kindly Visit your bank to get it cashed at your bank and if you are unable to get it cashed instantly kindly go ahead and deposit it into your bank account and funds will be available for withdrawal 24hrs after it has been deposited, Withdraw Immediately at the point of deposit or after 24hrs. Remove your Upfront Payment of $350 and $150 for transfer charges and run around fee to get the transfer done , and then you will be forwarding the rest balance of $1400.00 to our graphic agent and advert license officer who will be responsible for the advert placement on your car waiting to receive funds in other to get the materials and necessary docs. needed for the advert placement. I hope all is clear to you and well understood. Please send the balance as stated below and send to the agents within an hour via WESTERN UNION after you have immediately withdraw at the point of deposit :,One of Their Graphic agent staff will come to your location immediately after the payment have been received to have the ads placed on your car.

  8. to whom this may concern,

    you have an employee by the name of rebecca wills that is in in charge of paying the bills.being a business owner I think I should have this should be brought to your attention.I think she gets too personal with your outside vendors and takes bribes to get someones check moved in faster.she has take she has gotten car parts from a vendor in Montebello the owners name is Tony. at least $500 worth or moreI don’t feel its right to uhave to pay somebody to get paid faster and the next man suffer for it.I’m sure there’s more she has a lot of personal phone numbers for your vendors on her cell phone. Rebeccais usually a very good person except when she lets the drugs get ahold of her.I know she’s been battling with marijuana and pain medicationand trying to stop because of her Medical problems

    Concerned costomer.

  9. I just bought a muscle monster (choc) and after drinking half I noticed chunks are coming out I poured the rest out and there was a half inch thick of mold on the bottom. I hope I don’t get sick!

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