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  1. I have a problem with my case it has a line on it, but I just got it in October 2015. could I please get the face replace since it has a long line across the front.

  2. I have a Mophie Helium. I bought the original one less than 6 months ago. I am returning my 3rd one to Mophie for the same problem. The “CHEAP” micro USB connector on the juice pack. Within a month or two the connector is too loose to keep a good enough connection to charge either the juice pack or my iPhone.

    Another major headache and expense was having to buy all new cables for every charger (home, car, office) because Mophie in all their wisdom decided that a case built and marketed to iPhone owners didn’t need a lightning jack to connect it to the charger. They instead decided the cable manufacturers needed a new source of income and iPhone users could afford to buy new cables so they installed a cheap micro USB connector on the juice pack.

    I’ve written a letter to the CEO, COO, and VP Marketing outlining several problems with the Helium case. Sad that engineering screwed up an excellent accessory to smartphones.

  3. I’m deciding between the mophie helium or the air.

    almost all comments are positive, one of the very few negative comment referenced scratching very noticable on the back of his mophie air, (Red).

    are all models and colors suseptable to easy scratches and abrasions or is there a model or color with a stronger plastic or finish and less likely to notice scratches.

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