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  1. the customer technical support was very helpful ,professional and knowledgeable about his job descriptions .

  2. I used moto g4 to last 6 month but now automatic switch of during operating and sir. All moto customer Care contact number is wrong plz help

  3. Horrible customer service. I called FIVE TIMES and Motorola Product Support for Android Phones disconnected FIVE TIMES. Screw Motorola – Returning Motorola G Play Phone to Amazon. Will buy another phone from another manufacturer that cares about customers.

  4. Such an inconvenience having to pay for replacement phone after I bought it NEW only 2 months ago! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY MOTOROLA AGAIN—EVER—-what a way to catch customers and make more money. SMH very Disappointed with them.

  5. I had a moto G for one year and three days. Then one morning, (I had not dropped it or anything), it was dead. I called and got customer service. After about four hours and going from one representative to another, they said it could not be fixed, and that I had missed the one year guarantee. I checked my email and even sent it to them, showing it had been bought just one year and three days prior. (three days past the guarantee). They said they could send me a new phone , but it would be one with 8 GB instead of 16 GB that my other one had. I said okay, since I needed a phone and was so frustrated. Then they gave me the label, and I fed exed it to them. After two weeks and no new phone, I called. Again after two hours of being on the phone with them, they said the new phone was on back order and they had no idea when it would come in, and that it was pending supervisor approval. They do not help at all, only repeat script and lie and postpone. They said they would call me back and never did. I am so upset and would never buy or recommend this company again.

  6. Very disappointed. They make millions of dollars and can’t replace a a Bluetooth earpiece that is overpriced to begin with and has been purchased in the last 6 months. While the person that took my phone call was well spoken the lack of customer service provided by Motorola and their devices stinks. This is the second time I have needed a Motorola device replaced due to malfunction in 6 months.

  7. Worse customer service experience in my life. Very unprofecinal and annoying. Return my malfuncting phone back. Did not receive my new phone on time.. Still getting emails that motorola newer received my broken phone. I been 4 months of terrible costumer service. Very dissopoited. I will get diffrent phone just so I don’t have to deal with Motorola anymore. One star is even to much.

  8. DO NOT EVER BUY A MOTOROLA PRODUCT!!!! I purchased a moto Bluetooth from T mobile in August and it stopped working. I called in November to have the item replace. It is now mid January and there is still no replacement in sight. They tell me that they are moving the warehouse from overseas to the US but this project has been happening for almost a year and they are still out of stock?????

    150.00 down the drain. Do not buy Motorola.

  9. I have a Motorola phone that was installed in my 2000 Mercedes CLK 320. I still have the car but can not find any battery replacement. The phone is a Startac. Is there a replacement phone or can I still get a battery? I do not make many calls and would like to keep it.

  10. I waited a month for motorolla to replace my phone it took 2 tries as the first phone they sent me was reported as lost or stolen, I pay boost for a month of service that I was not able to use. Offered me a case that I did not even want then they never event sent me that. This is my last motorolla phone I will ever buy. very craped off at motorolla. Kenny

  11. I had a H 690 that went dead. They walked me through the reset process, to no avail.

    I was then offered a replacment for free, if I sent back the old one within 30 days

    Thanks to Rachel at the call center for the help.

  12. I know this email appears really to be from the twilight zone …. but I’ve been trying for about, say, one hours to find-out where I may order a Motorola Smart phone, specifically, a Moto E GSM Global Unlocked model XT 1505. My online acct with Motorola is frozen, i.e., Motorola continually asks me identify myself by signing-in using an email acct which I no longer use with GOOGLE. I’ve tried various work-arounds to re-enable my online presence with Motorola. No dice! When I try to find a simple MOTOROLA SALES telephone (you know …. a 1-800 toll free number) I get shipped to El Salvador where no-one can answer my question: “WHAT TELEPHONE NUMBER DO I CALL TO BUY A MOTOROLA SMART PHONE?” You’d think I was asking what E=MC(squared) meant. What gives here? Are you folks really in business or not? I can’t believe a prospective buyer of average intelligence cannot figure-out what he has to do to buy a Motorola product.

  13. I have the Motorola EM1000 walkie talkies and need to buy 3 new ones, They are discontinued and I need to find 3 complatible units for our frequency. any suggestions?

  14. I am looking for Battery for MOTOROLA,A008,GSM900/1800.Kindly help me to get this in NEW DELHI,INDIA.

  15. I had Motorola Razr, less than 2 year old, which went blank and screen not working, purchased from jerk Smith, was still in warranty, went it for repair to QSL repairs through jerk Smith who claimed after 3 weeks that I needed to pay $196 to repair the screen as the phone was not in warranty. The handset costed $229. When proved the warranty, after providing the receipts, Motorola tells me after 4 and 1/2 weeks, that since there is a crack in the handset (along with a photo) they can’t do it under warranty. My concern is this, that why the carck was not mentioned when I submitted the handset to jerk Smith and been told after 4 weeks. Now after 6 weeks, the phone is still in repair with no decision, Motorola says they have to coordinate with jerk Smith and QSL, regarding the crack and then will make the verdict. Every call which I make to Motorola, they say they will coordinate and let me know and a day or 2, but I don’t receive any email or phone from them. Very poor customer service and no empathy.

  16. I have wasted 2 hours trying to reach Motorola Customer Service OR Repair Department with “0” success. What a way to run an organization.

    What do I have to do to get someone in your company to provided some help. Perhaps you should invest more time in providing help and less time and money displaying your executives—who I tried without success — to email. How do you stay in business? Would have someone contact me.

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