Mozilla Foundation Corporate Office Headquarters
650 Castro Street
Suite 300
Mountain View, CA, 94041-2021

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4 Replies to “Mozilla”

  1. I am having the same problem as Bill. I sent a donation o/a Dec 22, 2014 and as of this date

    1/16/2015 my check hasn’t been cleared. I will appreciate hearing from you ASAP. I don’t want

    to “stop pay” on a check that you have in your files.

    Please advise

  2. no support, I can’dt find oudt if Firefox works with Wiindows 8

    can’t find any support. I don’t know if Firefox works with Windows 8 in other than the Beta version in 64 or if only 32…when will 64 be available. Which site is safe to download Firefox from? All the people who record the messages sound like Crocodile Dundee or Pol Pot. (ewe grot prowblem? gib to me yur credit kard nummer..frank ew)

  3. I sent a donation check to Mountain View,Ca.about 1-1-15 and it hasn’t been cashed yet.How can I get in touch with accounting there?

  4. I have Windows 8 on my Dell Computer with Mozilla Thunderbird as my email system. I am so fed up with it that I am thinking about a complete change.

    I have tried to just get answers for what I have been doing wrong, but all the tech support people want so much money for just answering questions. It seems you should stand behind your product and offer some free information.As an 80 user, most technical stuff is like Greek to me, but it seems like there should be some simpler answers to questions like:

    WHY do I keep getting the information that Mozilla Thunderbird (not responding). Seems like things go along fine for awhile and then it get frustrating because every click to open an email shows the message Mozilla Thunderbird (not responding). I have tried to delete messages but they won’t delete. Now my email messages (That do come through) are coming thru 2 to 3 times filling up my in box).

    Is there any FREE services ANYWHERE for good general product information.

    LIKE: What happens when you get this message?

    What is the cause of getting the Not Responsive Message

    What happens when you get double and triple emails duplicated?

    What happens when you can’t delete emails.

    How can I condense my email files when I can’t delete some of them?

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