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Mr. Coffee? invented the first automatic drip coffeemakers that are easy and affordable in 1972.

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  1. I just had the same experience. Amazing customer service!! Really paid to call. Of course, the machine

    should not have stopped. . . she said you need to clean once every 30 uses with white vinegar. I will

    do that from now on.

  2. Your Mr.Coffee cafe latte, is a piece of crap! You can not make, more than one cup of coffee, unless it is a tea cup! why would you put out such a lie so disapointed in your Co. When you put in 8 oz. of water…..for double serving…..that is a CUP! if you use skim milk, with the foam, you can not make two cups!!!!!!!!! BAD PRODUCT I wasted $100 dollars. Stopped making them….after you dupped a lot of costomers.

  3. We received a Mr. Coffee Latte as a gift and it wasn’t long before the plastic on the carafe starting breaking off. It leaks so bad it can’t be used. We liked ours so well that we bought our daughter one and it did the same thing.

    We really miss our lattes. Can anything be done about this? I have no idea where to buy a replacement one and surely thought it would last a lot longer than it did. So disappointing.

  4. I have a Mr Coffee model TF6 which was NOT designed by somebody who drinks or makes coffee!! The “pot’s” opening is to small for it to be cleaned!! A clean pot is one of the secrets to making good coffee. When you open the lid for water, the condensed water on the under side of the lid runs down the back of the coffee maker and onto the counter, so you have additional cleaning!!

    Whatever happened to your model NL4? That was well designed. I have had 2 and would still be using one but the pot broke and I can not find a replacement pot or a new NL4.

    I have checked the “box” stores and Mom and Pops.

    Bring back the NL4!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think your coffee maker (model cgx23) is a piece of JUNK ! bought just about 6 months ago and the dam thing does not work anymore ! complete garbage and I will never buy or be a customer of yours again. Enjoy my money the last of which you or your company shall see !








  7. Contacted Mr Coffee CS about a product problem. Offered a loyalty discount deal.

    Checked the price it was no deal as I found the product at several vendors for less than half the price. Called back and after some hassle was allowed to cancel the order.

    That in itself was a battle. Still trying to get my credit card billing corrected. NO JOY.

    Repeated contact with CS including supervisors all lied like rugs.

  8. JWX23MW beeps five times when brewing is complete, which is very annoying. Have tried to fill out support form to no avail. Very poor customer support.

  9. Im unhappy with thw quality of my coffee maker, the paint is chipping of the burner and although I use filtered water I have to clean it every week it takes forever to brew , I like the look of the maker wish it worked better.

  10. I just purchased the Mr. Coffee French Press for my daughter as a gift. I did not read the reviews on this product until last night as I did not know Mr.Coffee made a French Press. The reviews were not good but most of them were two or three years old. I am not going to return the item because it looks well made to me so am hoping you have resolved the many issues with it I read about. My question is : Have you resolved all of the issues and are the 2014 models good quality items?

    I have had many Mr. Coffee coffee makers over the years and have been overall satisfied with their quality and performance. Really hoping my daughter will enjoy her French Press and we will not have to return it.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.


  11. My Mr. Coffee maker is 1 month old, the lights come one and nothing happens. I worked for four hours to earn enough money to buy this coffee maker and now it only works for 30 days. My last Mr. Coffee maker didn’t even last 2 years. I believe Mr. Coffee is designed to break. However, I do not have the money to keep buying a Mr. Coffee maker. I want you to mail me a new Mr. Coffee. This time you pay for it.

  12. I Purchased a Model # FTTX951. After two days the coffee would not go through the lid. I went to the bath room and when I came back coffee was all over my cabinet. I noticed that there was a round item stuck in the drain. I took the cap back to the store and the gentleman gave me another cap. Now after two weeks the same think happened. I purchased this unit because I wanted to keep my coffee hot.

  13. Been a loyal Mr. Coffee supporterfor 30 years. My coffee pot is less that 20 months. I made coffee this morning and went outside to begin yardwork. About 30 minutes after the pot had brewed my wife called me in to look at the pot. I would not have beleived it had I not witnessed it myself. The two inches of coffee remaining in the pot was rapidly boiling and the unit was smoking. We quickly pulled the plug. Had we have been away from the house for any length of time, it is possible this situation could have resulted in a fire.

  14. Just bought a basic 12 cup Mr. Coffee. This model has a 12 cup water reservoir with dual water windows so you can see how much water you are putting into the machine. This design is just plain stupid. If you actually pour water in up to the 12 cup line you have water running all over the counter because there are two holes in the back of the machine (I suppose meant to vent steam) ad these two holes are LOWER than the 12 cup water line. So in reality you can only brew 11 cups and you have to be careful not to fill it up with water to the 12 cup line. I also have to remind any company that comes over and wants to helpful by making a pot of coffee not to overfill the water reservoir. Either fix it or don’t claim it makes 12 cups.

  15. I bout the new mr coffee barister ecmp1000 lost portafiler filter basket went to ordered 2 filters paid with paypal 4 days later I get emal saying we don’t ship to zip 00913 pr how are customers supposed to get parts in Puerto rico zip 00913 you can buy mr coffee products in all the big stores here Walmart/macys/sears best buy ect ect but no after service or help from .I find this disgusting and anti American .. so SHAME ON YOU MR COFFE and a heads up to all residents of san juan Puerto rico if it breaks mr coffe wont help

  16. Iam 70 yrs old and clean my mf coffee model #bvmc-vmx36 just like the book says .I only use it for company and still I can t get a yrs.use out of it.last time it almost caught fire so you replaced it now I have water leaking all over my cupboard.HELP!! ive always used but I might have to change.Whats going on with your product????

  17. I purchased Mr. Coffee Wal-Mart. It less than one month ago. tried to make coffee last week for the first time and it is just beeping. Plugged it and unplugged but no change. I’m fed up because i paid nearly $70 for the machine because I wanted the best.i could have bought a $30 machine which I’m sure would have worked better I’m in the process of taking back this machine and have my money refunded,I’m not even a coffee person just bought it for my guest.

  18. We purchased mr coffee hex23wm at Washington pa Wal-Mart. It less than six months old. Just now tried to make coffee and it is just beeping. Plugged it and unplugged but no change. My name is William f setto and I used my Wal-Mart charge..can you help?

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