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  1. I am very disappointed in MSN, the comment today about President Trump’s expected lies in his upcoming speech. I no longer will be using MSN and I will be telling all my friends to also quit.

  2. Need to reset my password or have msn recognize my existing one. You appear to be unreachable by telephone and I do not text. I have a Microsoft account number obtained by a computer repair facility. Are you trying to ditch msn along with windows XP operating system? Do I have to report you to the my congress people and the Maryland fraud commission to get your attention? Have you adopted the Microsoft philosophy of abandoning products? You may call me at. My email address of is currently not working due to password failufre.

  3. This is complte BS! I can’t access my account. Tried chat and only get led in a circle that continually goes back to a wrong PH number, and noone can figure out how to friggin stop it. Great service……………

  4. Dear

    Sir i want to joind mns so wht should I do bcoz I was

    trying so much so pls help me out I am intrusted pls help

    me out sir

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