MSNBC is a far-left political cable tv channel owned by a multi-national corporation, General Electric (GE).

Their hosts include Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and formerly Keith Olbermann. Olbermann was suspended, in disgrace for donating funds to leftist candidates.

MSNBC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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  1. I deleted your station 2 years ago. How does it make business sense to be so biased and lean so so liberal that many independents and conservatives cannot stand watching MSNBC? Don’t conservatives and independents make and spend more money than the lessor educated and liberals?? Seems like a bad business decision to me!!

  2. I have no problem with your description of MSNBC being a “far left” political cable TV channel as long as you are willing to acced that MSNBC has excellent programming by excellent anchors, who inform and enlighten the viewer. No hype, No spin, just facts and truth. Let’s keep Chris Hayes’ show on live every Friday. Excellent.

  3. Dear MSNBC,
    I am a viewer.
    Please stop replaying Trump’s statements.
    They are what got us into trouble to begin with.
    Eleanor Haray

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