MSNBC is a far-left political cable tv channel owned by a multi-national corporation, General Electric (GE).

Their hosts include Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and formerly Keith Olbermann. Olbermann was suspended, in disgrace for donating funds to leftist candidates.

MSNBC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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  1. MSNBC stop reporting that Bernie Sanders is so great because he went on FOX 5. Bernie Sanders is apparently going after the white voters who voted for Trump rather than expanding his base with african americans. No Democrat can make it to the White House without the African American vote. Bernie Sanders should really rethink his strategy – going after white Trump voters instead of going after african american voters.

  2. we can help the air port worker put a tip box so thy can get gas to get to work so we can be safe this will help God say help your fellman

  3. Why would your news station give air time to the guy in the white house? he has called your new reporters and your news organization FAKE NEWS! He lies all the time, so why allow him to lie about this fake border crisis???? I will not watch this fake prez tell more lies. I ask again Why would you? Very sad!!!!!!

  4. I love MSNBC but I am bewildered that on weekends you have Dateline. Why murder? Really? Murder? Makes we wonder what is going on?

  5. I have been trying to call the listed phone number for “MSNBC”, 210-583-5000 and only get a bust signal, I hope someone will answer this question for me. What happened to The 11th hour with Brian Williams, I thought my DVR did not record the segment and when rechecking my series settings, I could not find a listing of that program for the rest of this week. Was it moved to another time or cancelled or on hiatus?

  6. I sent a few of letters expressing my views on the issues of the day to the Washington Post, and got no response. So I sent a letter by priority mail ($9.70) to MSNBC attention Joy Ried, and it was returned marked refused. It only confirmed what I know to be true about this country and the media. You have to be ridiculous, radical, hateful, selfish, ignorant, disrespectful, greedy, racist, masochistic, homophobic, ungodly, and willing to commit murder to be relevant today. People like myself are the silent majority. No one really cares what we think. I am not angry, just disappointed. I am not living in terror, far from it, I know this world will not get better. My concern is for all those who live there lives in fear of the next day. God Bless all the people. I won’t be writing again.

  7. I love kasie hunt’s show but the clicking when she plays a video or audio is so loud. I cant watch it any more as it drives me nuts. This is so simple to correct. Please fix it so I can watch again.

  8. I was just listening to Nicole Wallce’s Show. I usually like it. I have a problem with her show and any others bashing Armarosa. I am not a fan of hers, but I think she is just as credible as any others who have written about Trump in the White House. It’s as if her book is the joke of the season. It is no more a joke than the others written. I take offense to those who want to bagger her and talk about her as if she is a big liar. When she write about Trump eating paper, why does that sound like a lie versus what? You laugh at her book and praise some others. Not fair. Again, I am not a fan of hers nor of the President. I would hate to think you find her unbelievable because of the color of her skin.

  9. At the onset of the Border Crossing Disaster (with the taking away of the children and losing track of hundreds or thousands) there was a news clip of Trump stating that this would PAY FOR HIS WALL!

    At the time I thought that it was an odd thing to

    say. Maybe they had to pay to get in or were being fined. It didn’t make any sense.

    Now I’m wondering if in advance he may have lined up some “Adoption Agencies” to charge hundreds or

    thousands for adoptions to families that may not

    have qualified or been successful any other way.

    I’m afraid we are going to lose children!

    I’m quite sure the statement was made on one of your great news shows. They are all great! I really look forward to Rachel Maddow!!

    1. I love at the hub of the Bethany Christian Global Adoption Agency Network that’s NATIONWIDE and hugely funded/controlled by U.S. Secretary of Eucation, Betsy DeVos. A local West Michigan Christian radio station, WCSG 91.3 Grand Rapids, has been advertising a Community-wide BABY SHOWER SINCE MAY 21st to last until JULY 1ST FOR LOCAL PREGNANCY & REFUGEE CENTERS, DUE TO THEIR OVERWHELMING NEEED, but never mentioning this is for the Southern Border MIGRANT BABIES. In fact, Bethany did not disclose this info UNTIL TRUMP REVERSED HIS SEPARATION OF FAMILIES POLICY ON JUNE 20. Please Google >> June 20, 2018, FOX News Interview of Bethany Service Director where a small group is protesting Bethany’s involvement. YES. TRUMP AND HIS GLOBAL MONEY LAUNDERING ASSOCIATES CHOSE DEVOS TO BE THEIR PHILANTHROPIC SHEEP TO CLOTHE THEIR WOLFISH CRIMES…FOR CRYING OUT LOUD>>ERIC PRINCE MET WITH AN ARAB PEDOPHILE WHO WOULD ADOPT HELPLESS MIGRANT CHILDREN WITHOUT A DOUBT>>and President Trump wasn’t lying about Don Jr. talking about “Russian Adoptions.” This Bethany Christian scheme at the Southern Border was planned before Trump took his SCAM OF A U.S. PRESIDENTIAL OATH. Why won’t MSNBC INVESTIGATE THIS?? I’m a voice in the wilderness, seeing these things from “psychic common sense” that frankly I’ve not had before. I even “see” President Trump approaching General Mattis, to convince him that Russia ought to have a military base in California…like China does. Does China have a base in California. I don’t know…because I’m not well read with these matters. But my inner hearing is that the Helsinki Summit will sink the U.S. further into Putin’s HELL, mirroring the G-7 implosion by Trump. Putin wants Trump to influence NATO to accept worse than what the Singapore debacle with North Korea gained for Russia. If only to perceive these nefarious plots in order to pray they’ll be STOPPED BY Heaven’s Army, is all that’s in my power to do. I’ve warned whose in my “much limited sphere f influence”. They think I’m nuts. Normally I’d agree. But I cannot ignore the warning sirens on the dashboard of my psyche that brings me to the prayerful knees of my fearless tears. The power of goodness TRUMPS each evil plan exposed. Thanks for letting me “vent”. Hope to level “political summits” with Heaven’s humility


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