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  1. I just started working for the army corp of engineering and im trying to log onto my pay to get payroll info, but had no luck. Please help me.

  2. Last month I received my social security,disability and civil service pay except my army retired pay. According to the army pay system I did not notify them in time concerning the closing and reopening a new account. Why is it that I received all my other pay. My chase bank sent them a letter signed by me and a notary concerning the closing and reopening a new account. According to the army policy I was suppose to notify them on month sooner before closing my account. I did not receive this information untill the transaction was completed. Also they did not reconized my e mail address. I might add that I did not receive any information concerning the changing of our passwords. I understand it is difficult to manage all those pay schedule. I served in the army from march 19 1951 to 1980. I also seved and retired from civil service for 16. . I am not looking for special attention but is looking for my retired army pay for last month. Thank you for your assistance MSG Harold r wandle 0606 USA dav military retired my e mail address is

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