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  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been “locked out” of account for the last (4) days!!!

    I have been trying to call for (4) days now to unlock my “locked access”; and possibly reset my password; so I can accept credit card payments for my business. I have been left on hold for literally hours; with absolutely NO RESPONSE from My Virtual Merchant; except for a recording referring me to a different website address (; which resulted in absolutely NO HELP whatsoever!!!

    I have never received such UNBELIEVABLEY DEPLORABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE from ANY Company in my entire lifetime; and I am just shy of being (71) years old!!!

    Not only does NOT ANSWER their 800 phone #, there is NO E-MAIL ADDRESS on their website to contact them via e-mail!!!

    This situation has created a NIGHTMARE for me; resulting in the inability for my business to accept Credit Card payments!!!

    If this comment is not “approved by the webmaster”, I will go as high as I have to go to get some satisfaction from your to compensate me for all of the inconvenience I have gone through due to the UNBELIEVABLY DEPLORABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I have received from; both on their website; and on their inability to answer their 800#; within a somewhat reasonable period of time!!!

    BELIEVE ME, I WILL FOLLOW UP TO MAKE CERTAIN MY “COMMENT” HAS BEEN PUBLISHED; and if it is not, I will pursue other avenues to make certain it is published!!!

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