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  1. MYHABIT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never had worse customer service – basically NO customer service!!!!

    I am so disgusted that I may never use AMAZON again, just because of their affiliation.!!


  2. I am a frequent buyer from Myhabit .com, however I have experienced big problem with last 2 orders. In one it was missed some items , the second was not delivered at all. It is very diffucult to contact them as I can not find the number easily on the site

  3. I went through nonsense too trying to find the number i had to go thru but the number is 1-866-395-6759.

  4. You cannot get to a customer service person. So, if you order something that is expensive, non-refundable, and it is defective… you have to EAT IT. Try to find a telephone number for help. Good luck.

  5. I placed an order on August 27th for Lorion Dryer and have not received it! Today is September 11 2015, your website does not work to contact you, chat or email! I payed for this item and want to know where it is

  6. Dear Directors,

    As a customer, I am shocked and saddened to learn from the social media that MyHabit would sell multiple real fur items as “faux.” With fake fur nearly indistinguishable from animal fur, it is easier than ever to get the look and feel of fur, but without killing an animal.

    Raccoon dogs, rabbits, mink and foxes are just some of the millions of animals killed by the pitiless fur industry every year, sometimes even skinned alive. With many warm and fashionable alternatives available, there’s no reason to wear animal fur and no reason for MyHabit to sell it!

    Thank you!

  7. Customer service is almost non-existent. The phone number provided here does not work. The click to call function has been disabled on their website. If one’s concern does not fall into a category option that they assign, you are ignored. I received a 20% off code number to use when I filled out a survey for them, and when I tried to use it I received a message saying that since it did not get the percentage reduction at checkout time, I should call them. Sure, just tell me how. Otherwise, the website is good quality. I have purchased from Amazon for years.

  8. Cutomer service for MYHABIT was not helpful want to return Watch 20013 SG-22 Marina silver/tone/white/stainless

    steel very large and unattractive owned my Amazon which MYHANIT USED MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION



  9. I really love shopping at this establishment. The shipping on Sundays blew me away! My-Habit’s items are top-notched and well made.

  10. I didn’t have to give my phone number but here is the number 1-866-395-6759. This is a great site and customer service is awesome!!! I hope this helps. 🙂

  11. Someone told me about your site, but I cannot contact you. You have no phone number and I cannot “join” because I do not possess a mobile phone. What in the world that should have to do with my contacting you I have no idea. I would not wish for you to call me on my mobile if I had one.


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