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  1. Fresno, Ca 93703
    2 weeks in a row no magazine delivered. That’s 3 missed delivery’s
    In over a month. Instead of sending email saying that you will look into it why don’t you get of of your duff and call me back. My subscription is due to renewal in January if I don’t hear from you this week forget about renewal. Very poor customer service.

  2. Please revert to a white background on the word search puzzle.. You cannot see a blue pen on a blue background..

  3. I have been a loyal reader for many years. I enjoy the puzzles but with the new format change which is so much smaller printing, I have difficulty reading and working puzzles.i am sorry to say I will not be purchasing anymore although I enjoy all areas of the magazine.

  4. I have not had my Enquirer delivered since the notice was sent that it would not be mailed anymore that it would be hand delivered 11/2015.

    I have also tried to find a phone number and have had no luck yet.

    Not happy and ready to cancel and I have been a customer for years

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