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38 Replies to “NBC Sports”

  1. Horrible coverage of Tour de France! I watch more commercials than race coverage. Should be called NBCSN Tour de Commercials.

  2. i paid the premium to watch tour de france and today is stage 11. When I log in to view it it gives me only stage 1. I logged in three more times without success.

    It is inexcusable to not post a number to call to alert staff of such feed problems. I am sure you do not wish to create the impression that you are taking money only to deny access to the show people paid for. It is rather elementary to provide a helpline to customers. If you make a contract and get paid in full you are bound to perform.

  3. This for the golf announcers at NBC.

    It has been established that Eric

    Compton has had two heart transplants

    so quit harping on it, and let it go. Also

    you do not keep telling the age of the

    golfer every time he hits a shot. I think

    NBC could do better on golf announcers.

    I get tired of golf stats relating back to

    what Tiger Woods did in the past.

  4. Would love to see us open and not a video/ talk show. How about it guys? You have been on for 90 minutes only 5-10% has been live golf. I’m sure the lead in tomorrow will be the same thing.

  5. It’s very obvious that the folks you’re paying to call the Hawk/Kings game are unprofessionallly biased. It has been discussing through the first six games….tonight it’s blantently over the top. As indicated in other comments nbc is preforming a disservice to hockey fans of the western conference.

  6. I am very disappointed in your coverage of cycling.

    Your schedule on the internet says you would cover Paris Roubaix.but I did have it here.

    I receive NBCsports on COX cablevision.

    Now the Giro de Italia is on ,once again no coverage.

    I assume also you will have no coverage of the Vuelta de Espana?

    This all makes your Sports channel pretty useless to cyclists.

  7. NBC 4/Washington sportscaster says she hates this story before it was broadcast! Really!!! Fire her now!!! You just lost many of us to Ch. 7.

  8. why do you have joe micheletti doing hockey playoff games.. he and sam rosen destroy every ranger game with their constant conversations with each other. sam is supposed to be doing play by play. what a joke. if you get 30 seconds you are lucky. half the time they don’t even know what players are on the ice.

    luckly ken albert doesn’t fall into the trap and start yaking with him. please shut joe up.

    thank you.

  9. I am trying to watch the hockey game 1 Kings vs. Ducks. Why is it this is a ducks home game? The announcers are openly cheering for the ducks. Every moment of every play has been promoting a duck or how to stop a King’s player. Brian Heyward? Really?

  10. As I watch the final scores and other news scrolling on the bottom of the tv screen, some guy, who must be high on something, typed in that the “Rockets lead series 1-0”. Come on man!!! Get it straight!!!

  11. Ed Olczyk is the worst NBC hockey announcer. Everytime the Detroit Redwings are on NbC he so pro against them I am sick and tired of hearing his voice. Get someone to announce who is bias. He sucks get rid of him.

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