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  1. Yes! stop and go, mostly stop, retry, network off, etc. Netflix is a lousy product. Fix it!!

  2. You need to fix your website. It continuously stops and loads and shows error messages. When it does occasionally load, it takes a long enough time to waste the whole time. I don’t know why i’m paying each month for this. All netflix knows how to do is steal money from people. And there is no way that it is my connection that could be the problem. I have a new ipad, computer, and laptop which are all checked and work very well, and my internet connection is working just fine. Not even the wi-fi connection is a problem, because even when I am not using wi-fi but a stronger connected desktop computer, it still has problems loading and playing in HD. All i’m asking for is you do you job; what I pay you for every month.

  3. I did not order Netflix yet you have been charging me for theb last 3 months please close this account and refund my money

  4. I am disappointed that new movies that are being released are not available on my streaming account. Why. Wanted to see Gravity and The Butler but not available. I signed up for streaming so I could get the latest movies sooner. I have been a customer for many years but may have to make a change.

    Please let me know if there might be a change in the near future.

  5. I received a message that paypal was having a problem authorizing payment on my account. I checked and updated my account. Is everything OK now.

  6. Your company has charged my card over $144.55 and I have never used Netflix your company sucks

  7. You got my money from my credit 2 times last month,can you refun for me please.

    Because I got 4 device $11.99 you charger 2 times for last month

  8. I am unable to pay for service, it keeps bouncing back, cannot get through to customer service, what gives???

  9. I am unable to pay for service, it keeps bouncing back, cannot get through to customer service, what gives???

  10. I called Netflix customer service to fix an issue with my service. My call was taken promptly and the woman on the phone was so pleasant it actually made me smile. She fixed the issue with my account and I tried to use it again. Still had an issue but when I called back the gentlemen on the phone was extremely friendly as well. It was a matter of my own error and the issue was fixed in moments! I am enjoying my service again! I had to comment on this because I have never had any customer service team be so patient and kind. Usually you are treated like an idiot for not knowing exactly how it works but they were so willing to go the extra mile to help me that I will never forget it! Cudos to you Netflix for putting the customer first! I would definitely say to anyone having an issue with their accounts to call the customer service number and you will not be disappointed! Give these wonderful people a chance to make it right! Thanks for letting me share this with you. I’m not normally a person to leave comments about anything so this is definitely saying something about their stellar service!

  11. Got email saying I could get another free month on netflix with an old account and tried it put my credit card and they lied to me and charged me heckeing liars is what they are

  12. Seems that Netflix has a different number for Technical problems. I had issues with Streaming on my Bluray player. Called 1800-565-7782 (Got this number from Internet search) and they seem to know what I am talking about . Worth a try.

  13. I have been a netflix subscriber since it first started when u could stream unlimited devices at th same time. I made a change on my account to stop sending dvd’s but to keep the streaming the same. When this happened I was then only able to stream 2 devices at once. I have to pay 11.99 if I want 4 devices instead of my grandfathered in price of 7.99 for unlimited. The will not change it back to the way it was. So… Don’t make any changes on your account if your grandfathered in or they will screw u!!!! That goes for AT&T as well!!!

  14. Initially I received a good stream from Netflix, however 3 1/2 months ago my signal began dropping from my BlueRay player after only 3 minutes … then total black out. The only way to get back on is to restart my BlueRay player but then receive a reward of only 3 more minutes until the cycle repeats. I have to remedy my connection problem before continuing my subscription.

  15. I wanted to tell you how I have always liked Netflix. I have been a member since 2012. One thing prevented me from giving you 5 stars. You took off the original Law and Order before I had the chance to watch all the episodes with Jerry Orbach in them. Really love that actor. You probably had a good reason, but could you please tell me.

    Thank you JG

  16. I have a Netflix account, a dongle attached to an HDMI port on my TV and a Kindle HD Fire (armed with Netflix app). I WAS able to watch Netflix on my TV using the Kindle to control. Suddenly, I can’t anymore. There don’t seem to be any settings, etc. to run down the problem.

  17. I canceled Netflix in March and they continued billing my credit card for two months. Takes an act of congress to stop this service. Could not get full refund. Hello Amazon goodbye Netflix.


  19. I don’t like how Netflix took off suite life of Zack and Cody Hannah Montana wizards of Waverly Place and also make it or break it and so does a lot of my friendsit is very annoying when it deleted shows from Netflix

  20. It was never discussed about a fee to have Netflix cancelled or discontinued. I am very disappointed in your business tactics.I do not have the money to pay for it nor to have it turned off due to just getting on disability. Could you please help me?

  21. I noticed the customer service number listed is different from the one I obtained. Perhaps that is why people are having issues? The number i called is 1-866-579-7172 . Directly from Netflix.com

  22. Netflix has streaming and dvd rentals. Have you noticed that none of the newer movies are on streaming…you have to order them from DVD. This is a way for Netflix…to make more money and cheat their customers. And if you are looking for movies like Jaws or Rocky…they have been deleted from Netflix…and can only be watched on dvd…at a higher cost to you….I would also like to comment on the streaming ….many times it is slow…or just pauses. Netflix is a joke….and provides very poor service. They could care less about their customers.

  23. Postponing Bill Cosby has cost you my business Forever……………I’ve been a black man for 50 years…………………………………………………………….Please do not reply because I have nothing else to say to you……………………………………..

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