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Netflix is the online dvd rental site. Netflix also streams movies over the internet using Xbox, Wii, Apple Tv and PS3.
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  1. I order paid for a mo. and now I can’t get through the e-mail and password Well, I had to use it in order to get there and use my xxxxxxxxxxx to get the acc. what’s up with that ?

  2. I would appreciate it if you actually kept your good movies and shows on Netflix. Take off the crap that no one ever watches and please keep the good stuff on. Put Spongebob on also or I will riot.

  3. Have been having problems viewing movies, I can hear the sound but no picture!!!

  4. Netflix stopped loading on my TV, screen told me I needed to make a change in settings, I went to settings and must have clicked on the wrong thing, now it won’t come in at all.

  5. Keep receiving error code 403. States that the website is forbidden and this occurs on Firefox and Internet Explorer

  6. Seriously considering canceling my subscription. Can’t watch an hour of programming without SEVERAL error messages stating that netflix can’t play my show at this time. Slow to start shows. This is only a netflix issue as I don’t this problem with hulu. Fix this issue!!!

  7. I also cannot contact the company. The first DVD was not one I had requested. The second one wasn’t either. The third one is cracked. Since I had another issue with my debit card, I simply ordered another one and they will not be able to take another payment from my account. What a real disappointment from a service I really enjoyed in the past.

  8. get piture but know sound cant get help from netflix but they sure will take your money will be canceling

  9. Change my debit card ,have not got yet will take one week and half for me to get new card I will try to call and give you my account n#

  10. I don’t have an account with you and my ex set this up with my card you have been charging me for the last year without my knowledge

  11. If your card doesn’t work the first time you try to update your payment method it will lock your account for 24 hours before you can try again.

  12. Everytime we watch a movie it stops to reload it. WE love having the movies available but what can we do to solve this problem. We have all the bars on our wireless network.

  13. I used to watch Netflix on my laptop, but now an error is shown saying you will fix it soon. Meanwhile Im watching on the pad and works okay, how do I fix this?

  14. I want the email address for customer service for Netflix. Your help

    center items do not answer the question I have. When I belonged

    to Netflix previously, I could always email questions to you. I have

    just re-activated my account.

  15. I’m tired of watching part of a movie and then Netflix stops. This has been going on for days! What am I paying for?!!!!!

  16. I’m trying to watch netflix on my mac book and it says I need to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight. I have done it a couple times now. I went back on netflix and reloaded the page and it said it again? Please help. thanks.

  17. There are constantly issues with whatever we watch as far as stopping – like a scratched dvd – super annoying!! We will be cancelling soon!!!!!

  18. I can’t get connected to Netflix on my I-Pad . When I click on netflix it says connection error we cannot connect you at this try again later . i have no trouble get on my laptop ,my smart tv and my wii. The trouble started when I was in south carolina now I’m back in bakersfield and I still get on with my I-Pad. What should I do? I no trouble getting on you tube , mapquest, or any other site.

  19. Lost my account access with an error on the screen saying there was a problem with card payment. I . Called cust serv where I was unable to find ANY account by cc type (gave 3), or email address (gave 4) I had been using Netflix for 8 months and have not changed any credit cards. Had to set up a new account.

  20. Please cancel my account. Imam on a free month s trial but do not want to subscribe

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