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NetGear USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address

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  1. I had a problem as well thinking I am getting the Netgear techs, it ends up costing me $120 dollars to clean up my computer and that is not what I wanted at all I just wanted to use my new tablet. This is something very wrong with this company called Kaizen Technologics Inc. I have compromised my computer and data to someone who said they were representing Netgear. However I do not know if that is true or not and I can not tell you how slick they were. I want CEO at Netgear if there is one? To look at this situation now. Also when I started taking action after much thought and prayer I knew I had to research this and find if anyone else had a problem. Well folks I find this interesting the icon for Kaizen Technologics Inc has completely disappeared off my computer and it is now running they it did before slow. Which that is what I was told had to be fixed due to so many problems that had not been fixed over the years. I allow them in to fix thinking this it make the N300 WiFi router to start working. Well here I am so if you need more information please contact me through my email. Just want to know the truth, Virginia

  2. I called Netgear because I forgot my “Security Key” password. The guy I spoke with was super nice and first said “no problem” I can help you with that, but than told me that my contract was expired and that it would cost me $89.99 (for a 6 month service). WHAT A JOKE!!!! I only needed my “Own Password”. I went on-line and to my surprise I was able to retrieve my OWN password.

    Shame on you for ripping off people !!!!!!!

  3. products are trash and customer service even worse. I will never buy anything from netgear again. don’t waste your time or money

  4. Despite the inability of the customer service staff to communicate adequately, I was kept on the phone for almost 2 hours (1hour 55 minutes) after the fourth time that I called. The issue with the product is that the directions are written very poorly. The customer is not able to get the information to install the product correctly and Netgear customer service is unable to communicate the information as they also have poor scripts on the product. My particular case could have been resolved in 2 minutes of less. As a professional, my time lost was equal to about 5 times what I paid for the product. Despite my plea to speak with someone in the US., I was kept on the line while several “so called” tech support individuals tried to help. Needless to say, I will return the product to the store where it was purchased and ask for their help in trying to communicate somehow my frustration with responsible individuals at Netgear.

  5. WIFI section of router became defective and overseas tech support was useless. Finally got a contact for an RMA number, but returns have to be sent to Canada. Shipping costs are prohibitive, so discarding the hardware is the only option. The company knew that having an outside USA warranty return facility would discourage claims and thus relieve them of repair responsibility. Very unethical. Would never recommend Netgear to anyone.

  6. Your support is horrible. I was ignored by your support team after they could not help me with a simple question. They simply stop responding to my emails. Sad that such a large company can not offer support for its products to the very customers who support them. As you can see I will not purchase Netgear products nor will any of the members of the computer repair group that I instruct.


    Thank you for zero help.


  7. Products don’t work and the tech support is worse than HORRIBLE! I was a good customer, but NETGEAR is no longer a good company. After wasting 6 hours on phone with tech support incompetence and no solution to my problem, poor English speaking agents, I will never purchace another NETGEAR product!

  8. I called to see why my internet was only connecting with my tablet just for him to tell me my brand new router has been used by somebody else for 2 years and i’d have to pay for a warranty, i don’t know how that’d get the Internet working…?

  9. Worst live chat support ever. Their “cloud” kept disconnecting and connecting, probably 30 times and then I could not type which led to the technician thinking I was done so she disconnected. I tried phone support and the recording screwed up by repeating the same thing over and over. I will be returning the item and buying cisco. I think these problems speak volumes about netgear !

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