NetSpend is one of the leading providers of reloadable prepaid debit cards and prepaid debit card services in the United States.

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  1. i would like to have anothe net spend card when i ordered the first i told them i wanted 2 could you please send me amy name is patricia address is kerrville Texas 78028 thank you if u need talk to me telephone number is

  2. How do I track who received the 3 payments I made to NetSpend in March? I have the prepaid card number that was to be loaded.

  3. late last evening I called to have a new password sent to my email. I was told that I would receive it roughly one half hour later, it hasn’t come in yet. can something be done about this.

  4. i have spent over 3 hours trying to log into my account and because i forgot my password the stupid site kept sending me back to the same thing over and over the help i received can best be described as NO HELP…….it was the most frustrating 3 hours i had in a very long time….

  5. I asked for the customer service telephone number so I could talk civally to the customer service agent (live that I can hear their voice and I can explain my problems with password forgetfulness and how can I change the information on the account such as password entering problems of correct computer response on your side.

  6. I am on hold with netspend now,I have the franchisee number I am on with someone,who speaks clear and I had no wait time,the issue is that all of a sudden my card was locked with funds on it.when I called the number on the card I could not reach any one,since I work for a partner I had another number and so far so im on the account is unblocked…

  7. There customer service representative are very RUDE and they don’t understand english. You call in about one thing they trying to fix something else. A few weeks ago I called to ask them how long would take for me to receive my money back on my card. After I couldn’t get through to the representative I asked if I could speak to a manager or a supervisor about time. She finally came to the phone she had an attitude trying to dispute a transaction when I ONLY wanted to know how long would it take for some money to available to me. Once someone over charged me by mistake and refunded my money. She finally fixed it after being on the phone 2 1/2 hour after then I now that I call…I am sent DIRECTLY to call back menu after that day. I am NO LONGER to call them & wait on hold to speak to next available representative. NOW I have to wait two hours sometimes more to get a call back number. I sent an email voicing my complaint finally I get a call back after three hours and one sent email. SAME THING the woman couldn’t understand me & kept trying to address another issue I had in the past. I then asked her could she connect to a manager or supervisor and she sent me back to have the call menu..Where I had to wait on another call back that may have taken two to three hours when she could have placed me on hold. And let me speak with a manager so I sent another email and after today I will NEVER use their card again…POOR SERVICE & THEIR VERY UNPROFESSIONAL & HAS A CHIP ON THE SHOULDER BECAUSE THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND….If I feel like I am in a third world country when dealing with them. I am filing a complaint with BBB & Texas Attorney General & Probably will write the Governor etc,… Because if there going to work in America then need to be able to SPEAK, UNDERSTAND & TRANSLATE things in a professional way. Not get upset with the customer who has been on the phone was twenty minutes or more trying to get them to understand them & their concern or complaint…..I will stick to my AMERICAN SPEAKing, UNDERSTANDING, TRANSLATING Bank. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR………..

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