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  1. I just called several times to see what happened to my subscription, but each call resulted in an immediate hang-up on your end. Are you people indifferent to customers, or merely incompetent?

  2. Please stop the subscription THE NEW YORKER I did not subscribe to it #BXBCMCJ…………3-Digit 440 Please stop now.Please send conformation on this request at E-Mail

  3. I wish you’d stop sending me Renew Your Subscription mail AFTER I renew. It’s been 3 months since I renewed but I still get “Final Notice” mail. I just had to spend time looking back on my credit card charges to confirm I paid for a renewal. Please stop this practice!

  4. I cancelled my subscription a few days ago because of your incredibly incompetent renewal procedures and now you tell me my password may have been disclosed. Please completely delete any and all digital and other records you have identifying me and confirm to me in writing or e-mail that this has been done.

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