NextBook makes the popular next2 and next3 WIFI touch screen tablets. The next2 and next3 run Google Android OS and have Borders Bookstore Embedded.

NextBook USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address<

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  1. Bought a nextbook ares 8A for xmas for my grand son
    it DONT WORK and when tryed for 4 days now to call all i get is a dam message telling me to hold on they get to me soon. for 4 days now
    what a piece of crap

  2. “i am having a problem resetting the pc

    it reaches 62% in reset then suddenly it will show “”problem resetting the PC””

    what should i do?”

  3. Your Home page said to return it the place where we purchased it (wall mart). They said they do not do that we must return it to the manufacturer.

    It will not indicate that it is plugged in or charging.

    when it did work it wouldn’t turn off. It is 4 months old and we cant use it or get it repaired.

  4. I need to know where to send off the tablet for repair… Just bought 1 day late for Walmart exchange or refund. Due to being out of town.. Ughhhh help.. Little boy wants to play with his Christmas present..

  5. The tablet itself is not the problem. For me it’s Nextbook’s customer service. Misplaced the power cord & there’s no model # on the tablet. Need to know model # to be sure I purchase correct charger. Been calling customer service at Nextbook for 2 days now & I just sit on hold forever. I’ve begun to believe that Nexbook customer service is just an urban myth.

  6. I used it 2 or 3 times. My Facebook icon was gone and now I can’t get to work. So I have not enjoyed my tablet.

    The instructions are not very helpful for someone that needs more help to set it up.

  7. Getting the activation code is like pulling teeth from a piglet! I purchased the product online Walmart; and instructions indicated to get the activation code from the receipt. well Walmart doesn’t give any receipts other than a email receipt… Tried to retrieve the code online and was asked to enter the Disa code, only to get a message saying this item was not purchased through an authorized dealer… wth? I can’t with this crap, so I’m sending it back… and of course I picked the product up in the store on Friday and called the tech support number only to be told they were closed and to call back during their normal PST hours.

  8. My wife got it for her birthday. Opened the box & screen was broken. Tried to return to Walmart & their 15 day policy would not allow them to do anything. She tried to use it & it would not stay on English , always go to a foreign language no matter what she tried. Sorry she got this junk.

  9. I have a nextbook ares 8 slow, does not respond ,boots you back to home page in the middle of doing things, takes for ever to download then downloads do not work waited on phone for 30 min. can not get through on line,very unhappy with nextbook and Walmart which I bought 11/25/16 for a xmas gift

  10. Dear Sir / Madam,

    Saan po ba exact location ng Service Center ng Nextbook and the contact Nos.

    How much the cost for LCD replacement ng tablet 8.2

  11. basics to reset user password if windows operating system boot in safe mode and reset from there. if android do hard reset and start like new.

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