The NFL (National Football League) is proud of their football history and heritage. The NFL is recognized as one of the world’s strongest entertainment brands and America’s favorite sport.
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  1. When is the kneeling of the NFL players going to stop ? The players doing this and their owners puts down the American dream of people who have served our country.I am a veteran of the United States Navy and can no longer watch football because of their childish ways and turning their backs to the military and the veterans of the United States of America.The military has been protecting the United States of America a lot longer than the NFL has been here. The NFL needs to make a formal apology to all the people connected to the military.The NFL also needs to stop kneeling in the beginning while the singing is going on of our National Anthem.

    1. What the players are doing has nothing to do with our Veterans. As a USMC Veteran of the Vietnam conflict there is no connection to the veterans and the protest of how Blacks are treated and that includes Black Veterans. So before you post a comment first understand why it is being done.

  2. The NFL players act like no one can touch them.They act very immature by how they show off all the time.They stopped this once but it seems to have started again the showing off.It is really sad because showing off should not be part of the game.Football is a fun game when played right.The showing off while they are playing is not okay.I personally will not go to any games or watch them on tv until the showing off is stopped.The NFL should seriously think about this ?

    a concerned person in Carmichael, CA.

  3. I agree with Thomas Farley. How can NFL players pretend to salute the service of our service men and women 2 days a year and then dishonor them the rest of the year by kneeling for the National anthem. They are lying about really honoring these people and should quit lying if they are kneeling. kneeling is a slap in the face of servicemen and women

  4. When a game is advertised to be shown on nfl channel, why is it not on? Kansas_chicago game. Also Steelers-Tennessee at 4.

  5. NFL sucks and so does ESPN for not showing the kneelers. Cowards all of you at the NFL for not backing our country and supporting a bunch of overpaid brats.

  6. I stopped watching last season when the overpaid and ignorant players took a knee during our anthem. I was fed up with the wife beating and general thuggery previously especially how the NFL handled it… Suspension until it was challenged… then no suspension. I no longer care to watch. I now spend my money on FC United tickets where people actually stop and turn toward the flag during the anthem.

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