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  1. Nissan has a transmission problem that will and im sure has injured people,and will not recall for repair like gmc– the exterra will go into limp mode at stop light— meaning it will not take off in first it starts in second at high rpm — causing high probability of accident or death at intersection or a necessary manover– Nissan will remember when they told all those that complained, after they paid average of $5500.00 to hav e it repaired and it does same thing,=== design problem=== Nissan does not know how to repair and will be liable when people start getting killed from the Nissan design problem. SO NOW I HAVE A 2008 NISSAN EXTERRA– BEAUTIFUL SUV– PARKED NEVER TO BE DRIVEN OR SOLD AS IT HAS NO VALUE FOR BEING A DEATH TRAP

  2. I have a 1996 Nissan Sentra. It has 190,000 miles on it and it runs like a new car. I just got back from a trip to Hilton Head Island, S.C. And my car drove perfectly up and back. All I do is change the oil, rotate the tires and she is good to go. The only work done is brakes, tires and some minor things. I had a Nisson before and will always have a Nissan. Thank you for making such a great car.

  3. My 2012 Nissan has 25,609 miles on it and it needed new brakes on the rear and it cost me $387.00. This is my wife car and she drive 3 miles 1 way to work and back. HOW could it need new brakes, 1 reason could be that Nissan is using new CHEAP parts on their cars, that only last 20,000 miles. I was going to buy her a new Nissan, but I change my mind and we are looking at others car makers for her a new car. I have Pep Boys brakes on my Jeep GC and I have had them for over 4 years they got 52,187 miles on them and I don’t need new brakes. You telling me that Nissan can’t do better. We have been Nissan customers for over 25 plus years, what happen to your service. The dealership we go to did a great job and they are not at fault, we could not ask for a better place to take our car. They tell me at my next service stop I will need to replace the front brakes, how sad this is still a new car.

  4. I was just a Nissan in Stratham, I was just looking, was looking to trade in my Nissan 2008 and well they said I think you would be better a lease, I said I really don’t want to lease a car I woulod just keep my car. But I was there for 5 hours, and I wanted to leave but they had the keys to my car due to checking it out. I still asked where is my keys,, and then they started talking again, when I told the gentlemen that was helping me, he brought the manager first he had told me that (meanwhile I just wanted to get ou of there) and I lift Nissan like I was shaking and nervious and by 8:00 the I did not know what to do, I kept on saying I don’t want to do this so then they bring down the price I got the car on the 4/30/2016 late and I am going back to today to get my car back and never use Nissan with out going with someone who will stand behind me. I hope my car is still there and I can be relievedof this situation I am going thru right now, I am totally exhausted from this from yesterday my number is 516-286 4623 and I feel like a nervous wreck and did not get any sleep, I am 63 years old and I really just wanted a Nissan Sentra like I had instead I god Altima cause they said there was a rebate on the car

    anyway I hope you can understand – fran

  5. I purchased a Nissan Sentra last week and have been trying to call to let them know as I was told but I just been on hold after hold. I cant get through

  6. Own a 2006 Maxima, and am going through the same disgust that quIte a number of people are experiencing. Have spent several thosands of dollars to no avail. Have owned 2 Nissans and am ready to buy another car, but seriously doubt it will be another Nissan. All anyone needs is sincere addressing of the issue.

  7. I purchased a 2014 Versa from Pohanka Nissan in Fredericksburg Va. When I had time to go over the contract more throughly a few days later I found over $1100.00 in undisclosed charges. After I contacted their finance dept. I was told I had purchased a 2 year coverage for dent’s and ding’s. WRONG! This was the first I heard of such a thing. I was also charged $399.00 for a “prep” fee which according to them is for cleaning a new car when it arrives from the factory. These charges not only are taxed but I’m paying interest on them because I financed the car. Neither of these charges are disclosed in the contract or told to me, just added into the total price. After speaking to different dealerships I was told they had never heard of “prep” fees on a new car. Pohanka refunded the $699.00 but not the tax and finance charge. I have not been refunded the $399.00. I think my next step is writing a letter to the local newspaper outlining the problems I had with this dealership.

  8. We have a 2013 Nissan Rogue and are having problems with some kind of rodent getting into the fan motor and have a problem with them not fixing it and having to turn it in to our vehicle insurance company. They seem to have this happening alot and why have you Nissan done nothing to fix the cars so this can’t happen by maybe putting screens where animals can’t get in there. This is a very expensive problem to fix and it comes at a very bad time for us.

  9. Bought the car 3 months ago in Scottsdale as. Maxims stalls when at a red lite. They brush me off twice now. The car scare s us. What to do ?????? Stay away from Nissan

  10. I need to rate this Nissan dealership less than 1 star because of the following problem.. I traded-in a Toyota Camry to Carlock Nissan in Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 2014. I bought a 2014 Nissan and paid cash for the car. Carlock Nissan sent a check to Toyota Financial Services to Pay-Off that balance that I owed on the Camry. The check that Carlock Nissan sent to Toyota bounced on December 19, 2014., leaving me holding the bag. All I have mentioned here can be verified.. I have talked to Toyota Financial services on numerous occasions for the past 4 or 5 days and they (Toyota) has not received another check from Carlock Nissan to close my account. Please be aware of Carlock Nissan/Ford dealership in Blytheville, Arkansas

  11. I purchased a Nissan Murano 8 months ago and the transmission went out Nissan USA has been giving me the runaround but as they say that it up under a 10 year warranty then they say it’s over the miles they had me to tow my vehicle up to the dealership just want it to sit there for more than two weeks with no results I will never ever buy another Nissan neither would I recommend anyone else to purchase any kind of Nissan

  12. I purchased a Nissan Rouge SV from West Covina Nissan dealer on 1/26/2016 and after I purchase this car I was told that this vehicle did not have fog lights I asked if there was something that they could do to help me out, I spoke to the sales person Garry and he said he would check to see if they would help me out and that he would call me back of which he never called. Other than the fog light situation I’m happy with the car but I explain to Gerry the salesman that I go camping on a regular basis because I have Camp Ground Memberships where fog is sometimes a problem and I would never buy a car without fog lights. I then called the finance officer Paul Balouch on two occasions and left Two messages which was not returned. I was told by the service department that it would cost me $90.00 to have the fog light put on my vehicle. Because I go camping in areas that sometime have fog problems I would never purchase a car without fog lights so I would like to know if there is some way that you could help me out with this situation. I hope that this is not the way Nissan treat their customers sell them a vehicle and forget about the customer. Please respond. ( Deroy Green )

  13. I bought a leaf from Sutherland Nissan in Buford ga. Two days later I wanted another leaf so I called and negotiated a price with sales manager Tyler. I was on my way yesterday to pick up my second car and they had a sales rep call me to say the GM Scott changed his mind on my deal and he wanted to charge me more.i called Scott they screened my call and would not let me talk to him to have him explain why he backed out of the deal. I then emailed him and he had another sales manager Shelton call and tell me my verbal contract with Taylor would not hold up in court. Sounds like they have done this before. Bate and switch. Please help me Steve

  14. Nicholasville Nissan, or Hudson Nissan, seen both names for same place.

    This was the most horrible experience I have ever had in buying cars. The sales people were very melancholy, not very helpful, or even somewhat acted if they didn’t really care if I was there. I drove two hours to this place for the “Great Rebates” that didn’t exist. Let me touch on this…In the morning, I talked to a dealer querying about the rebates on three (Maxima, Titan, and Pathfinder) vehicles explaining that I was Military, looking at these vehicles for the rebates, and if the rebates are honored or if they were “internet” prices and if the vehicles were there. I was told that he would find out the information on those vehicles and call me back. An hour later I hadn’t received any call, so I decided to call back to find out. I talked to the same person that I talked to an hour prior, and he acted as if that conversation had never taken place. I re explained who I was, and then he said that the rebates were good and everything on the website was honored. I decided to make my long trip down there. I met up with the car salesman that I had spoke with, and again for the third time I had to re explain my purpose there, even though I had done it twice before, (its not hard to remember a person who is making a long drive to your dealership for specific reasons). After my explanation he went to show me the vehicles that I had asked about. One of the vehicles, the Maxima, was apparently sold the day before (even though the sales guys said it was there) and I guess there is no communication between the sales reps. I decided to shrug that off. Next I test drove the Titan and the Pathfinder. After choosing the pathfinder that was supposed to have this huge rebate (which was confirmed as being valid before making the trip), I am told that those incentives were no longer valid on that vehicle. At that point they offer a new model with less of an incentive, and a higher payment than I would have had to make. At that point I was ready to fly off the handle and the sales manager saw that, and came to me and apologized, and even filled my gas tank up as a sorry for the bad customer service, informing me that that’s not the way they conduct business. He pulled the dealer that I was working with off of the deal, and let me work with someone else that had been helping him in order to finish the deal (apparently the guy I was dealing with was new). Dealing with the other salesman turned in to him pushing me to get in to that vehicle. Even though I had made my reason for being there quite clear, the sales man showed no care in it, and that his priority was to make the sale at whatever angle he could. At that point I stopped all the dealings and left the dealership for my long trek back home I don’t normally post reviews, and actually had believed the sales manager, but after reading another review about not honoring their rebates as posted on their website, I decided that I needed to post my experience on here. Also these other 5 star reviews seem fictitious, and I wish I had actually read the reviews before making my way to this dealership.

  15. Experiencing higher wait times, is all they have to offer on their automated service, Live customer Service agents do not exist with Nissan Motors. Called all day on December 1, 2015 to Verify payment received via web site and there are no live customer service agents available. Payments here on will be “check by U.S. Mail”, it will be $5.00 Cheaper. Thank you Nissan!!

    Thank God my payment isn’t due for ten days.

  16. We tried to buy a car from Autocom Nissan East Bay1152 Marina Blvd.San Leandro CA, 94577.

    Since we have a very busy schedule we talked with one of there sales person Aayandi (I think this is how to spell his name) on the phone and make a deal for Nissin Roge 2015, SV, premium package with out the moon roof. He was agreed to sale us that car for $23,000 plus tax. After we made a deal with him. We went to dealer on 8/23/2015 at 2 pm. When we got there, he said “the car is on the way, it is coming form Walnut Creek and will be here any minute” . We waited and he started to collect our information to expedited the process. After half and hours later he told us in order to release the car from walnut creek we have to sign the credit application. We refuse to sign the paper because it doesn’t make sense to sign any paper work without looking a car. Then the floor manager (Sam) came and told us that since the car is not at the location they need to make sure our credit is good so, car can be released. So we sign the credit application. Then sales person told us “the car is released and it’s on the way it will be here in an hour”. After half and hour the sale person told us another story. He said “we need to sign the contract and the price of car is changed”. If we don’t sign that paper the car won’t be released from walnut creek. That sale person lied one after another. He was so much unprofessional. if he could not give us that car what we agreed for, he could have told the true story without playing this game. This sales person treat us very badly and wasted our whole day.


  18. I have a 2003 Nissan pathfinder SE model. I bought it used 2012, I think. can’t quite remember when I purchased it off hand. I’m the third owner of this car. it had 61.000 miles it when I purchased from a dealer. it is now at 105.000. since I had this car I went through 4 radiators and they were all after market brands, the cost of these radiators range from 100 to 150 dollars. the last one that failed as well and was supposed to be the best aftermarket brand, it too fail miserably. now I’m forced to get another one. this time, I had the mechanic order me a dealership radiator. that’s costing me a whopping 716.00 dollars plus tax. The mechanic was nice to offer no labor for the dealer part of the installation. what the hell is wrong is my fricken truck??? all these aftermarket brands can’t all be lemons, Nissan is the problem.Build too many lemon. I wish I can get my money back from the dealership where I bought the junk,

  19. To Whom It May Concern;

    My grandmother leased her car from the Stuart Nissan in March of 2012. She received her first oil change notice in the mail and I brought it in to get changed. Then she noticed the light on the dash saying low tire pressure so I brought it by and had it checked in Fort Pierce because it is closer to my job. They said it was only a little low and not to worry but to make sure I get it serviced when needed. On Friday, 9/5, I was going to bring the car in to get serviced because the light was still on and it was handling wrong. I left school at 5:00 and was preparing to get on the Turnpike when I heard a strange noise so I pulled into a gas station near the air pump. It was raining and I was soaked trying to fill air in the tire when I realized there was a big hole in the tire. Not only that but I checked both front tires and they were BALD!! I called Ft Pierce Nissan to see about getting it towed in and a ride home. They were closing so they could not offer me a ride but said the 1800Nissan1 could get a company out to change the tire and I could bring the car in for service the next day. The 800 number representative said that I would have someone out within the hour. Forty minutes later I received an automated recording stating they would arrive in 20 minutes. Twenty-five minutes later I received an automated recording asking if service had arrived and if all was completed. When I said no, I was sent to a live representative who apologized and sent me directly to the tow company that should have arrived. I spoke with the company representative and she said they did not receive any information regarding the service. She apologized and said she would put it in as urgent and someone would be out in 20 minutes. Eighteen minutes later I received a call from the guy who was in route to change my tire and he said he would arrive in 20-30 minutes. I told him that according to his representative he should be arriving in two minutes. He said, “I don’t have blue and red flashing lights on my car. I will get there when I can.” So I called back the tow company to complain about his unprofessionalism and was told that he would be spoken to by their manager. He did arrive thirty minutes later. However, it was still pouring rain and getting dark when I saw a man come toward my vehicle and begin to remove my tire. I got out of the vehicle; I was soaked to the bone anyway, and made sure he was from the correct towing company. A few minutes later he knocked on my window and I got out of the car to see what he needed. He asked for a key bolt lock remover. I searched the glove box but could not find what he needed. He said without it he could not remove the tire. I asked him to please wait while I called Nissan 800. While I was on the phone he drove off leaving me alone, wet, and in an unsafe neighborhood in Fort Pierce. I asked the 800 representative why I was not told that I would need the tool so that I could make sure in was in my 85 year old grandmother’s car. Had I known that it was not there I would have asked for a tow and figured out a way home from the dealership. (Not sure how given the hour and the weather). I told 800 Nissan that the guy just left me there and now I would need someone to come out and tow my vehicle but would also need a ride home. He told me that they charge a flat fee for the drive home and would get me an amount and another tow company would be out within 90 minutes. That is when I finally broke down crying, much to my embarrassment. I asked to speak with a supervisor because this had gone way past acceptable. The supervisor said there was nothing they could do about the wait time but they would cover the charge for the drive home. I was very thankful for the small mercy. The tow truck driver came 1 hour and 10 minutes later. He dropped the car off at the closest Nissan and took me home. He was a very nice and professional young man. I arrived home after nine that night. I woke up very sick the next morning to a missed message from the dealership. I called at ten thirty and they said DJ would call me back in a half an hour. I fell back to sleep. I woke up and called back at one thirty (3hours later) and Ashley said they were very busy and he would call me as soon as he could. DJ called me back an hour later and told me I needed two new front tires and an alignment but he would suggest four new tires. The car has just less than 16,000 miles after two and a half years. I asked him how the tires could be completely bald after such a short time. Inferior quality of the tire I asked. He said that there should have been two tire rotations and one alignment since the car was purchased and none had been done. I told him that my grandmother received an oil change reminder in the mail and I took care of it immediately. We never heard anything again after that by mail nor on the dash. I asked why the dash did not display an oil change reminder and he said it was not programmed like it should have been. So of course my next question was how an 85 year old woman was supposed to know when service was needed when they dropped the ball on programming the car. He agreed and apologized but said there was a sticker on the windshield with the date for the next service. My reply was 85 years old!?! So I told him the lease was up in 6 months and we would just get a new car, definitely not a Nissan, so could he please just put on the spare. I went in on Sunday and spoke with the manager and told him the whole story. He said he would replace the tires and do the alignment for free. I was very thankful. Unfortunately when he looked up the records the car was not purchased at that dealership so there was nothing he could do. He did however offer to get a new lease vehicle at the same price being paid now and a voucher for tires if needed in the future. Now that is how you get new customers. I will not allow my grandmother behind the wheel of this vehicle until this matter is corrected. I can only hope that Stuart Nissan is as honorable as Fort Pierce Nissan. Now it is Monday and I did not go into work because I have bronchitis. I suppose four hours in wet clothes and stuck in the car during a rain storm can do that to a person. I was planning on calling Stuart Nissan and tell them the nightmare I experienced but am feeling very poorly so I am sending this email instead. I can only imagine if I was already on the Turnpike, which was less than a quarter mile from where I pulled over, how much worse this experience could have been. I hope to hear from someone soon.

    Jodi Kolb

  20. Since switching to Nissan in 2011 I have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service all around. Well that all changed last week. I received service that was so bad it is making me reconsider purchasing from Nissan in the future. I understand that Nissan makes a lot of money and may not be concerned with just one person’s complaint. However if I received such subpar and rude service then it is possible that others have as well.

    Since purchasing my first Nissan I have been getting it serviced at the Sansone Nissan on RT 66 in Neptune, NJ. Up until last week the service was always excellent. Jay Herowanto who usually assists me and is always great was not there. On Sunday night 11/1/15, I dropped my car off. I filled out the form requesting an oil change and a car wash. I asked that my car be ready by 12pm as I had to go to work. At 11:43am I decided to call and check on my car as normally I would have had a call by now. The lady who answered the phone told me that she would look into it and get back to me (she was not pleasant). No one ever got back to me and since I had to go to work, I decided to call again at 12:11pm. Again I was told that someone would get back to me (the lady answering the phone was not pleasant). At 12:36pm I finally got a call and was informed that my car was being worked on and should be ready soon. At 12:57pm I was called and informed that my car was ready.

    I want to point out that each time I called I was made to feel as if I was being a bother. Keep in mind that I dropped my car off the night before for a simple oil change and car wash. I noted on the form that I needed it ready by 12pm. If for whatever reason my car was not going to be ready by the required time a call would have been appropriate. Instead I had to keep calling.

    When I arrived at Nissan I saw my car parked in the back. I immediately noticed that the bird waste was still on my car. When I went inside I told the cashier that I didn’t think my car was washed, she said I got the keys and it’s on the invoice so yes it was. I told her that it couldn’t have been as I saw the bird waste when I came in. Instead of saying let me go check on that. She said I got the keys and it’s on the invoice so it was washed with no concern at all for customer service in an extremely rude manner. For a tire rotation which is $24.95 plus tax and an oil change which is $29.95 plus tax. My bill came to $89.95. I paid the bill but then questioned the price as the individual prices were not listed. The cashier told me it was because of tax. Please tell me what percentage of tax I am being charged????

    I went outside to my car and wiped my hand over the car and dirt came off the car. I took pictures of the handprints, dirt and bird waste that the car wash I allegedly received should have gotten rid of. I have spent a lot of money in the past at this particular Nissan dealership but as of 11/2/15 I will never return to get my car serviced at that facility. Not only was everyone person I interacted with rude but I was not given the requested service, my car wash. This is making me question whether or not I was even given an oil change!!!!! I need someone to look into the price of my service. If I do not get anywhere going this route I will be forced to take legal action as I feel that I was fraudulently charged. I have copies of my receipt and invoice as well as pictures of a dirty car that was supposed to be washed. The renovations are excellent and the place looks great, however it appears that the employees may need a makeover as well.

  21. I bought a used 2011 Nissan Armada and financed it thru Nissan. The vehicle is amazing, but the Financing Department or Nissan Acceptance Motor Corporation sucks as in big time terrible. I paid my vehicle a month ago and until this time I still haven’t received my title and the proper lease release form that they slow mail took forever to get it. And also the lease release form wasn’t signed either by the corporation that make it unofficial dostuffents to DMV. I almost unable to register my vehicle to a different state due to improper dostuffentation. I have all the dostuffentation that I needed on my end except Nissan failed to provide a proper lean release form and failed to mail my vehicle title. I tried calling them back, but it went straight to automatic call waiting 30 minutes due to the high volume of costumers. If this was the case, I have a second thought of getting another vehicle thru this company again.

  22. 1-800-777-7018 this number is the number to call if you want to speak to Nissan customer service. I have been on hold for 1 hour and 14 minutes and 30 seconds. Using my cell phone was a bad idea I guess, I have now had to plug it in and charge it while still on hold… I’m thinking this is pretty ridiculous. I just recently purchased my 2015 Altima and needed information about setting up my online account and payment options. Does Nissan realize I have a life? #NissanRating0

  23. I bought a new 2015 nissan and needed to talk to the company about my payment being late. I called three days in a row and no one answered but the recording. I need to talk to someone about the late fee. I was calling about it but one cared to answer the phone. I need someone to call me about this problem. It has cost me $38.oo to call on my daughters cell phone. I think this is wrong.

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