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  1. I’ve had three Nooks. One was stolen, The earphone attachment failed on a another and i had it repaired. it failed again. I bought a brand new Nook and the earphone attachment failed. Is there a weakness on this part of recent Nooks? I am deaf in one ear have a 50 % loss in the other. So the use a an earphone is important.Can you help me? I am dependent on hearing my Nook.

  2. I spent 28 minutes on the phone but my problem is resolved. The technician who assisted me was very patient and waited through the shutting down rebooting, deregistering and registering process. there ws less than a 1 minute wait to speak to a technician, which really surprised me.

  3. My son’s Nook HD shut down during use. We charged it for several days & it would not turn on. We researched trouble shooting suggestions on the web, all of which did not work. I then resorted to calling B&N. Unfortunately I did not have the serial # on first call to them so had to speak to two different representatives regarding the issue. I tried troubleshooting advice the first rep. gave me to no avail,hence the need for the serial number. Bottom line, I am getting the Nook HD replaced!!! Yaay to B&N for that. Issues: customer service. Both reps could use more training on customer service skills. They handled the situation. Period. The first one sounded like she was not fully awake or maybe had been out late last night. The second rep. sounded like he just needed the biggest cup of coffee in the world! Yes, my Nook HD is being replaced. I am happy for that. Do I feel like I am a valued customer according to the two reps I spoke to? No, I feel like I was an inconvenience into their day. B&N, more Customer Service training please.

  4. I bought a nook HD 9″ tablet for my son who has autism as a learning device. I did not buy your very expensive extended warranty. I installed very expensive applications for autism that can only be bought once and cannot be copied or duplicated! My son drop his nook by accident and I can’t find one single place to fix the device or to buy a replacement screen! I have spent all morning with this issue. I am going straight to the BBB and report this issue and file for a class action law suit. You should Google the complaints about this issue. Perhaps you shouldn’t be selling your Nooks if you do not sell the replacement parts! This is a rip-off! I will do a page with tags so that people can find me and register for this class action law suit. This is a classic example of SAVAGE CAPITALISM in America. Do you think that you can come to this Country and do whatever you want with consumers?!!!! Think again!

  5. Dear Sirs

    I have just brought a Nook Glowlight from America and i can not use it in Spain where i live I can not download books i get a message that tells me we can not ship to Spain and it is the same in England so is there a way that i can download these books or is there a software that i can download i have used my barclay card to perches this glowlight looking forward to your reply

    Yours Sincerely


  6. Absolutely rubbish service in the UK for any help with my nook. Customer services leave a lot to be desired.Nobody available throughout the day. Disgusted customer.

  7. Purchased a book today but it doesn’t show in my library. Cost has been charged to my credit card. What do I do now?

  8. Nook HD less than a year old. When plugged in to charger or PC the green power light is on.

    I cannot turn it on no matter what I do. When plugged into PC a sound of the PC detecting comes then immedietly sounds again to indicate lost detection. My screen never comes on.

    The last time I used it I was reading one of the John Carter of Mars book when the screen locked (page couldn’t be turned forward or back) then the Nook died.

    I have fully charged still can’t turn it on.

    Removed the SD card and still can’t turn on.

    Is there a fix that I can do because I do not want to risk sending the Nook in and having personal files looked at.

    Is there something I can do or should I get another Nook and start over?

  9. Our Nooks – we have 2 – cannot access our personal wireless router (Linksys) – we have no problems with any computer, tablet, or other wireless device. MAC filter is disabled so that should not be a problem. Please advise what needs to be done to access our WIFI.

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